What Are The Interactive Facebook Post Ideas

What Are The Interactive Facebook Post Ideas

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One way to increase likes on your Facebook post is to include pictures or videos. By offering real content that people can interact with, you’ll attract a large percentage of people. Pictures and videos are the best ways to increase likes. They’re also a great way to show behind-the-scenes pictures and videos of your work. You cannot learn these strategies from books. Likewise, previous success doesn’t guarantee future success.

Newsfeed SmartApps

If you are looking for new ways to engage your audience, Newsfeed SmartApps can provide the solutions. Unlike traditional Facebook posts, these apps work natively on mobile devices, meaning they stay within the newsfeed. Moreover, you can easily embed games, quizzes, and surveys directly into the Newsfeed. Newsfeed SmartApps also lets you track user engagement and time spent on your posts. These apps are a great way to increase user engagement and boost brand awareness.


If you’re looking for an interactive Facebook post idea, a poll might be the perfect solution. Facebook now can add polls to your posts. To create one, simply add a link to your poll to your post. Your audience will be required to fill out some fields before they can submit their answers. Each person can only vote once. By adding a poll, your audience will be more likely to interact with your post.


To gain more engagement on social media, you can use quizzes to increase your social media following. Create a quiz that has one main CTA, such as asking your audience to follow you or share your content. Your quiz should have a clear goal to reach your goals, and you should include a link to that CTA in the title or description. This will ensure your quiz gets the attention of your target audience.

Live videos

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for interactive Facebook posts, consider creating a Live video series. Rather than using the same text-based format as YouTube videos, you can create a branded series. Create a series of videos about your products or services. Let your followers watch the videos and post comments about them. Facebook’s limit on comments is 8,000 characters, so you can invite long-form comments from your viewers.


The purpose of blooper reels is to highlight a prominent person in your niche. After you have published your blog post, inform the featured person, either on social media or by phone. They will most likely gain new followers and increase brand awareness. Bloopers are a great way to get more followers and boost engagement. Here are some examples of interactive bloopers. Blooper reels can be very informative, as well as entertaining.


If you’re looking for effective Facebook post ideas, look for those that are interactive. Although these posts can be difficult to schedule, they are one of the most effective ways to promote a new product or build deeper connections with your audience. But if you’re looking for something more simple, try these four interactive post ideas for campaigns. These creative ideas will boost your engagement on Facebook and improve the overall success of your campaign. And you’ll be surprised at how quickly they work!

Seasonal posts

If you’re looking to expand your reach on social media, consider creating seasonal posts on Facebook. By using these posts, you can take advantage of the various holidays and seasons to expand your audience and build brand loyalty. For example, a sun block business should post about holiday tips throughout the warmer months, while an office space business could highlight a new workspace. Regardless of what your business offers, seasonal posts are an excellent way to boost your brand awareness and increase sales.