How to Pair Your Car Stereo With Your Phone?

How to Pair Your Car Stereo With Your Phone?

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There are several ways to pair your car stereo with your smartphone. Some of the options you have are Bluetooth connection, Preset buttons, and Cost. You may be surprised by the variety of choices and features. Listed below are some things you need to know. After you have paired your phone with your car stereo, you can easily transfer music from your phone to the Car Thing.

Bluetooth connection

First, you need to pair the car thing with your phone using the Bluetooth function.How to connect your phone to your car via Bluetooth - YouTube The Bluetooth connection between the two devices is not automatic, and you may have to perform a pair and dispairing process to make it work. You can also connect your phone via the aux cable. It comes with different mounting options, including the dash mount, vent mount, and CD holder. In case you don’t have an aux cable, you can manually pair the car thing and phone by following the instructions in the app.

To pair the car thing with your phone, you must have a compatible phone. The Car Thing has a large selector knob and a back and settings/mute button on its front panel. It also has four preset buttons and a touchscreen. It also has a noise-suppressing microphone and adaptive interference cancellation technology.

Preset buttons

Car Thing works by pairing with your smartphone via Bluetooth and can be controlled using voice, touchscreen, or tactile buttons. It also has four preset buttons that can be customized to display specific content. For instance, you can choose to display a list of recent songs or play music in a specific genre.

You can use the Preset buttons to switch between podcasts or playlists with the help of the car’s audio system. Press the button that is furthest to the right to open the Settings menu. From there, you can save your favorite playlists and podcasts. When you’re finished, you’ll see a preset screen with saved content.

Spotify Premium subscription

If you’re a die-hard Spotify fan and are tired of using your phone to play your music, you might want to consider a Spotify Premium subscription for your car. With this app, you can stream your favorite music from Spotify on the go and even turn off notifications. It’s a very simple way to get all of your favorite songs.

This car accessory connects to Spotify via Bluetooth and Aux cord, making it easy to stream music in your car. To use the Car Thing, you’ll need a Spotify Premium subscription and a smartphone with Bluetooth capabilities. Once connected, the device acts as a touchscreen controller for the Spotify app on your phone.


Car Thing is a Bluetooth-enabled smart audio player that pairs with your phone and connects to the stereo system in your car. You can connect through Bluetooth, USB, or AUX to get the most out of the experience. It has an integrated touch screen and physical buttons to control your music, as well as voice control. You can even play Spotify using the Car Thing.

The Car Thing does require a power source, and it comes with a USB cable and a 12-volt adapter. It also pairs with your phone using Bluetooth or via an aux cable, which is handy for older vehicles without Bluetooth.


Installation of Car Thing is a snap, and the device comes with a magnetic mount that easily secures the device to the dash. I had no issues mounting it in my car, even on a bumpy road, and it never fell off. The Car Thing also comes with a power adapter and USB-A to USB-C cable. This cable is decently long and should be sufficient for mounting the device in almost any location.

The Car Thing is a Bluetooth and USB-powered device that can be plugged into a 12V car power outlet. Once installed, it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and displays Spotify content. The device can also act as a remote control for your smartphone, allowing you to do all of the usual things you’d normally do on your phone while driving, while the Car Thing streams music from your smartphone.