How to Leave a Group Chat On iPhone

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There are a few ways to leave a group chat on your iPhone. The first is to open the Messages app and make sure that the chat you want to leave is open. Once you see all the threads in the group, tap on the ‘Leave this Conversation’ button at the bottom. After you click this, a confirmation screen will pop up. Now, you can move on to another conversation.

What Is The Condition to Leave a Group?

If you want to leave a group chat, you must make sure there are at least three people in the group. After you have selected the other people in the group, you will need to tap the ‘Leave this Conversation’ icon at the bottom of the screen. By doing this, you can easily leave the conversation. This is also possible with the iOS device. This is a very useful function when you are in a group message with several other people.

Ways To Leave a Group Chat On iPhone:

  1. If you have a group chat on your iPhone, you can leave the conversation at any time by tapping the ‘Chat menu’ button. If you have a group chat with more than three people, you can also toggle off notifications. However, this will only work if the group chat has at least four members. In this case, the group chat is not active for you. If you want to leave, make sure you are on the latest iOS version.
  2. The last way to leave a group chat on iPhone is to turn off notifications. Then, go to the ‘Messages’ section of the conversation. From here, tap the ‘Bear’ icon to mute the conversation. If you don’t want others to receive notifications, you can turn off your notifications. To stop receiving missed messages from your group, you can also choose to block all text messages from them.
  3. To leave a group chat on iPhone, open the Messages app and select the group message. You will notice that the ‘Leave This Conversation’ option is available on iOS devices. Android users can simply tap the ‘info’ button on their Messages app to confirm that they want to leave the conversation. Then, they can choose to mute the conversation for later use. It’s the same process as in iOS, but with Android.

If The Above Options Do Not Work, Try This Last Option:

The last option is to unblock the sender. You can’t do this with iMessage because the group chat can only be left by Apple users. If you want to leave a group chat on your iPhone, you need to block the sender or unblock them. You can also opt to turn off notifications for the group message so that you won’t get notified whenever other people join the conversation.

If you’ve received a group message that you don’t wish to remain in, you can leave the group. Then, select the ‘Leave this Conversation’ button and confirm your decision. You can then delete the group from your phone. It is a common way to leave a conversation in a mobile context, but it’s important to check out the other options first. You can even mute the notifications for a group chat to avoid any confusion.