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How to Delete a Comment on Instagram

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One of the most frequent questions from users is how to delete a comment on Instagram. There are two ways you can remove comments: by swiping left on the post, or by tapping the red trash can button. Then, you will no longer be able to see that comment on your feed. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to delete your own comments so that others won’t see them.

What Are The Steps Of Deleting Comment On Instagram

Firstly, you can delete your own comments. To do this, go to the Comments section on your profile page, swipe to the left. You can also press the “X” button on your phone, and then tap the comment you’d like to remove. This will remove the comment and will no longer be seen on your profile. This option is especially useful for users who want to remove comments on Instagram. This method will ensure that no one will be able to view the comments on their profile in 2021.

What Should We Do To Delete A Comment On Instagram

To delete a comment, you must be logged in to your Instagram account. Then, go to the post where you want to delete it. Next, click on the ‘bubble’ icon to see the comments on the post. If you’re using an iOS device, you can simply tap the trash can symbol to delete the comment. Then, swipe left on the comment to remove it.

What Is Another Method Of Deleting Comment On Instagram

If you’re unsure how to delete a comment on Instagram, the best option is to search for it on your computer. To do this, simply type the name of the person or the comment you wish to remove. Or, you can also press CTRL + F on your keyboard and click on “Load More Content.” Once you’ve found the post where you want to delete a comment, open it on your computer to delete it. Once you’ve accessed the post, tap the three-dot icon located in the upper right corner of your screen. Choose Message or Conversation.

What Should We Do When We Get Comments From Unknown Persons On Instagram

If you’re a regular Instagram user, you’ve likely noticed that you’ve been receiving comments from people you’ve never heard of. In these cases, it’s best to delete the comments and replace them with new ones. This way, you can be certain that no one will ever be able to see your old posts. You can also easily remove unwanted comments by making changes to your profile settings.

What Should We Do With A Comment That Is Not Good For Our Brand On Instagram

If you’ve received a comment that’s not appropriate for your brand or your image, you can report it to Instagram. Then, the comment will be removed from your post. You can also delete all comments that are not appropriate for your posts. It’s a good idea to delete a comment that’s offensive to you or to block the account of the person who posted the comment.

You can delete a comment on Instagram if you’ve already made it. Fortunately, you can report any comments you’ve received to stop them from being displayed on your account. This will remove the comment from your feed. In addition to blocking comments, you can also choose to block people from commenting on your posts. If you’re not happy with someone’s comments, you can simply delete them.