Get Paid Fast With Transcription Editing Jobs

Get Paid Fast With Transcription Editing Jobs

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Are you looking for a part-time job without a college degree? Do you have the skills necessary to work at a computer? If so, you may be interested in transcription editing jobs. These jobs pay well and do not require a college degree. You can get started today! Read on to learn more. This article contains information on the top transcription editing jobs. Read on to find out how you can make money on the Internet. You will be glad you did.

Part-time Job

Transcriptionists spend a significant amount of time on their own, and little time with other people. To maintain a healthy work-life balance, transcriptionists should schedule time away from the computer for regular breaks. These breaks can include family time, socializing with friends, or taking up a hobby. The following are some resources for part-time transcription editing jobs. These are not the only resources to help you find a part-time job.

For part-time transcription jobs, and SyncScript are two online transcription platforms where you can earn from $15 to $60 per hour. Both companies pay hourly rates and provide the necessary training to get started. SyncScript pays 57 cents per minute, which is higher than other sites. Transcribers can earn as much as $60 an hour, depending on their skills and the audio material they are working on.

No degree required

Transcribing without a degree is an excellent side job for those who have extra time. Transcription takes little time to complete but a person needs to schedule the time they spend on the job. This will ensure that they deliver quality work. While there are no formal educational requirements for this job, you may be required to complete some coursework. A few of the requirements may include an MSEP partner, experience, and a passion for language.

A certificate from a reputable institution is highly recommended. Most employers require that medical transcription editors have some sort of certification, which proves that they have attained a certain level of expertise in the role. Earning a certificate will give you an edge over the competition and qualify you for a higher pay grade. If you are looking for a career that doesn’t require a degree, a certificate may be the way to go.


You can find high-paying transcription editing jobs on freelance websites, but there are a few things to keep in mind before getting started. While transcriptionists on freelance websites can earn decent pocket money, they rarely make much more than a couple of hundred dollars. For this reason, it is important to set up a routine and set aside specific hours each day to complete your transcription projects. As your experience increases, you can also move up to a more lucrative position with a larger company or client base.

Many companies require that their transcriptionists complete 10 minutes per audio clip. Most of them will only pay $20 per audio hour, but this amount can increase over time if you can meet the deadlines. Other sites offer higher pay, with up to $50 per audio hour. There are also bonuses for volume and quality. For those who are looking for the most lucrative transcription editing job, the best place to start is, a transcription site with more than 2 million satisfied customers.

Computer skills required

Transcription editing is a job that requires a high level of computer skills, namely excellent research and typing skills. You will be working with a variety of subjects and topics, and good research skills will help you catch unfamiliar words and find important information. You will need to know how to spell words correctly and use the proper nouns. You should have a strong command of English, and good communication skills are essential for this job.

Besides having good keyboarding skills, you must also be detail-oriented and have good attention to detail. This will help you make sure that your work is flawless and accurate. Being able to pay close attention to detail will also help you deliver high-quality work consistently. To develop your attention to detail, you can practice listening to audio and developing related skills. You should also take your time when noticing small details. In addition, you should be patient and able to deal with changes.

Working from home

If you’ve always wanted to work from home but have never had the time to commute to a company, transcription work from home is an excellent option. Transcription jobs are generally flexible, but there are some that require specific hours and logging-on times. The best way to find transcription editing jobs at home is to use a job board that specializes in remote work. FlexJobs is a great source of leads for transcription jobs because it is the top job site devoted to flexible work.

When you use free online platforms for transcription editing jobs, you can take advantage of the high-paying offers and the flexibility to work at your own pace. The biggest benefit of working for yourself is the income potential. Most transcription editing jobs at Rev charge $1 per minute, and the company pays subcontractors half of their earnings. If you work for yourself, you keep the full $1/minute. There are many other advantages to working for yourself.