Sunshine Animal Clinic

Sunshine Animal Clinic – Comprehensive Veterinary Care For Dogs and Cats


Read on to learn about the benefits of Sunshine Animal Clinic for your pet. Read about their staff, customer service, affordable pet care, and more. You can also apply for the Sincere debit card to receive 1% cash back at Sunshine Animal Clinic and ten percent cash back at other pet merchants. If you’re thinking of getting an exotic pet, it’s a good idea to call the clinic first. Here are the things to look for in a vet.

Review of Sunshine Animal Hospital

I’m going to be honest in my review of Sunshine Animal Hospital. I didn’t have a very good experience with this veterinarian. The staff is all very cliquey and there’s no good rapport between them. The vet I had at Sunshine would hit my dog during his appointments, and the managers get upset when you make a minor mistake. One employee was working without a mask when she was exposed to covid.


If you’re looking for a veterinary clinic that offers comprehensive care and an inviting atmosphere, look no further than the staff at Sunshine Animal Clinic. This Solano County animal hospital has been serving pet owners for over 30 years. From routine checkups to complete medical and surgical care, their friendly, knowledgeable staff makes sure that your pet gets the very best care possible. You can also learn about new treatments and preventative care by visiting their online blog.

Affordable pet care

The Sunnyside Animal Clinic offers comprehensive veterinary care for your dog or cat. Our compassionate staff and advanced facilities will help you get the care your pet needs without breaking the bank. We also offer boarding and dental services for your furry friend. We’ll be glad to discuss the options with you. Listed below are some ways to afford your pet’s medical care. If you can’t afford to pay a visit up front, we also offer monthly payment plans that help you pay for medical bills over time.

Customer service

For 30 years, the Sunset Animal Clinic has served the Solano County area. The clinic provides comprehensive care for your pet and strives to educate clients along the way. The clinic is also a welcoming and comfortable place to bring your pets. Read on to learn more about the clinic’s service philosophy and customer care standards. Below are some testimonials from other satisfied customers. We invite you to leave your own review to let us know how our team and facility can improve your pet’s health care experience.