A Closer Look at Prince Harry's Career and Net Worth

A Closer Look at Prince Harry’s Career and Net Worth

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We’ve all heard about Prince Harry’s net worth. You probably already know that he inherited money from his mother, Princess Diana. But did you know that he’s also a helicopter pilot and has a Netflix and podcasting deal? If so, that would add to his net worth! Let’s take a closer look. What are Prince Harry’s career and net worth? And how did he get there?

Prince Harry has inherited money from Princess Diana

The estate of Princess Diana is worth PS21 million before inheritance tax and was divided equally between the princes, William and Harry. It was invested by royal advisers and eventually reached PS20 million when her sons were old enough to access it. Diana also left a priceless jewelry collection to her sons, as well as a multi-million-pound divorce settlement with Prince Charles. Among the items, Diana left to her sons were jewelry, clothing, and stocks. The estate is also believed to include money left by the Princess’ great-grandmother.

Diana left the rest of her estate to her sons and specified that it remained in trust until her sons were at least 25. Diana was just 36 years old when she died, so her money was put into trust for her two boys until they were old enough to inherit it. William and Harry will both receive PS10 million each. This inheritance will allow the royal children to fund their futures and continue the family’s charitable work.

Prince Harry works as a helicopter pilot

In the winter of 2012-13, Prince Harry served in Afghanistan as a top-gun co-pilot for the Army Air Corps. He provided aerial cover for rescue teams and medical evacuations. Prince Harry has said he missed being a pilot and has hinted he would like to return to the skies someday. This is great news for military aviation enthusiasts, but some are questioning his motives for flying helicopters.

He started his training with the Apache force in July 2010 and qualified as a co-pilot gunner in February 2012. In December, he led a team of wounded UK veterans to the South Pole. During his training, he won an award for being the best co-pilot gunner. This role requires him to command the mission and fire weapons. Sometimes, he takes over the controls for a flight. In June 2015, he was promoted to co-pilot commander.

Prince Harry has a podcasting deal

The Prince and Meghan Markle have joined the growing podcast world by teaming up with streaming giant Spotify to create their audio content. The couple, who have a production company called Archewell Audio, will produce and host podcasts that will build a community based on shared values. Their first series is expected to air next year, and they will be hosted by a dedicated hub on the Spotify website. The couple is not the first royals to get involved in media production. In January, Meghan Markle signed a multi-year deal with Netflix and narrated a documentary called “Elephants.”

The royal couple has also signed a multi-year deal with streaming service Spotify to produce podcasts. They have formed a production company, Archewell Audio, and have already produced a 33-minute holiday special featuring high-profile pals. During their recent trip to Canada, Prince Harry also praised the Canadian government and promised to support the country’s economy. In addition to the royal podcasts, Archewell Audio will also partner with Gimlet, Meghan’s production company.

Prince Harry has a Netflix deal

A multi-year deal between the Crown Prince of Wales and Netflix has been announced. Under the deal, the streaming service will pay for original movies, TV series, and documentaries produced by Meghan and Harry. The royal couple will also create kids’ programming. The news comes after Prince Harry and Meghan, who are living in California, recently signed a deal with Higher Ground Productions, which produced the Oscar-winning documentary American Factory. The deal is expected to be worth around $17 billion this year.

The news comes as Prince Charles is reportedly shopping for the new royal couple’s docuseries, “Pearl.” The duke and duchess are also working on a docuseries, “Princess Meghan,” starring Markle. According to Life & Style, “Prince Charles had a crush on Meghan Markle.” Although the royal couple is married, their marriage is far from over, and they have no plans to separate.