Top 5 Apps for Educators (Coaching Centers and Schools)


Technology has not just taken over our houses and offices but also our schools. Today it is a big part of our classrooms where kids are learning things online and digitally. Teaching has changed its course and is no more the classic thing where there used to be a blackboard and chalk.

Today classes are so much bigger than this. Technology has made things in the class more interesting and it is soon that everything would become virtual when it comes to schools and teaching. Already there are several things that have become dependent on technology. There are many applications that are available that make the lives of educators and teachers very simple and more efficient.

Top 5 Apps for Educators

From attendance to giving them lectures, a lot can be done with the help of technology. Some of these apps for educators are:


Lio is a wonderful application that works towards making your work-life easy and well-organised. The app offers you several options in templates and depending on the one that you need you can choose. If not, you can also create your own template.

On Lio, you can keep a track of all your students, their attendance, projects, assignments, fees etc. You can maintain your teachers’ diary, syllabus and everything else on this very useful application.

You can upload documents and photos and save them. Share your sheet with others and work in collaboration in case of any need. You can decide who can see what or make changes to what in the sheet.


Zoom is one of the best applications to be used by educators in schools. With zoom, now you can take virtual sessions of the kids in need. You can either host your classes oner zoom or have one session on it. You can also invite other educators and people as guest lecturers for your class.

It is easy to use zoom. You just send a link to all the ones who need to attend your class. You can decide whether the attendee’s video or audio would be on or not. You can decide who gets to speak. Students can raise their hands by commenting in the chat. It is also easy to pin a particular screen for everyone to see.

Zoom surely is a great application that one can use for the most help.

Google Drive

Everybody knows about Google Drive. It is one of the most common and popular apps that is used by everyone around the world. Whether it is an employer, businessman, teacher or student, Google drive is used by people of all professions.

Everything gets saved on the google cloud, hence there is no scare of losing documents ever. Students can work on google drive for their assignments and projects and share it with their teachers who can leave notes and remarks for them.

One can create PowerPoint, and forms of any kind that can be sent via email and then can track responses from the forms that can be further had on google sheets. You can store and save all your lectures on google drive for students who can access them at all times.

You can also send calendar invites and schedule video calls and make your work very easy and hassle-free.

The TED App

The motto of TED talks is “ideas worth spreading”. This is a great platform that all students must be aware of. You can learn a lot about various topics. There is a high chance that you would find videos on the topic that you are looking for. There is plenty of knowledge available on the platform for everyone. You can find some of the most interesting topics and presentations here and a lot to learn from which makes TED app perfect for students to explore.

You can play these videos for your students and have them discuss the topic. This would be good for them to broaden their knowledge other than just their syllabus. They can have a deeper insight into this and understand the topics thoroughly.

You can either see the video or listen to them as podcasts or simply download them offline.


This application takes team management and a classroom digital, With this app you can track records of your students, grades, performance and attendance. There is also a great feature that lets you plan the lessons for the semester or quarter. You can also integrate Additio with Google and Microsoft classroom features.

This also has a messaging feature with the help of which you can stay connected to students as well as their parents.