Latest News and Information in Treviso Today

Latest News and Information in Treviso Today

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While in Treviso, you should not miss a chance to visit the cathedral, which features an intricate columned portico that resembles an ancient Roman temple. The interior of the cathedral is decorated with beautiful frescoes and artwork. It also contains an original crypt from the 11th century. You should also stop by the Museo Diocesano museum, which houses religious artifacts and archaeological finds found in the region.

Prima Treviso

You can read about the latest news and information in Treviso today on Prima treviso, an online news site. The website offers articles on culture, sports, and local events. There is also a section dedicated to news. You can read about upcoming events and news in the city and surrounding areas.

La tribuna di Treviso

La Tribuna di Treviso is a daily Italian-language regional newspaper that has been in circulation since 1978. It is considered a leading news source for the city’s residents and businessmen. Its editorial board consists of local, regional, and national journalists, and it features a variety of topics of interest.

Published daily, the Treviso Tribune is an Italian newspaper that covers a range of issues. It is owned by Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso and published by Finegil Editoriale S.p.A. It has an independent political stance and provides local, regional, and national news.

The La Tribuna di Treviso app is available for iPhones and iPad. It features a new design and several customizable features that make for a more personal experience. The app also includes a free one-month trial for new subscribers.


Cronaca in Treviso today is a local news website where you can find local news, sports, and culture. It also provides news and information about various events that are taking place in the city. In addition to cronaca, TrevisoToday also offers articles on a wide variety of subjects.

The accident took the lives of four young men. The accident occurred on state road 348 Feltrina, between the towns of Cornuda and Crocetta del Montello. The two cars involved in the crash were a Nissan Qashqai and a Skoda. The driver of the Nissan was pronounced dead at the scene and the other driver was taken to the hospital.

Ultime notizie Treviso

The Ultime notizie Treviso website is a popular online news portal with over a million monthly accesses. It has a team of valid journalists and is linked to several major print agencies such as Ansa and Adnkronos. The site offers users the chance to read the latest news and breaking stories from all over Italy and the world.


You can reach Montebelluna by train from Treviso Centrale in around 52 minutes. However, on the fastest trains, you can get there in just 24 minutes. The main train operator on the route is Trenitalia. The train ticket costs around $2.01 one-way but may be more expensive if you book on the day of travel.

The Treviso Today Montebelluna website has interactive maps, mixed maps, satellite maps, and road maps. These maps make it easy to get a clear idea of the surrounding area. The map also features a free text search box so you can find anything you are looking for in a snap. The site also has videos that you can view for information.