How to become a video game tester

Who is a Game Tester and How to Become One


The video game industry is quite extensive. It is currently bigger than the movie and music industries combined. The video game industry involves developing, producing, marketing, and monetizing video games. This industry provides career opportunities to professionals, such as developers, writers, video game artists, and game testers.

The job of a Game Tester is one of the most exciting in the video games industry. It is a job you can do without leaving your comfort zone. However, it does require you to put in the right work to get employed.

Many people want to become game testers but do not know what the job entails and how to do it. For this reason, we have collaborated with experts from job aggregator Jooble to explore who a game tester is. We will also discuss the detailed steps toward becoming a tester. Let’s explore more.

Who Is a Game Tester?

A game tester is a professional that tests games during production. They help check video games for bugs, glitches, and other flaws before releasing them to the public. Also, they analyze how enjoyable the game is. After reviewing the game and all, they write detailed reports on it and make recommendations on what should be added and what should be removed.

Steps Towards Becoming a Game Tester

Like other professions, there are some specific steps to take to become a professional game tester. Below is a highlight of what’s expected of you to become a professional in this field.

  • Get Your GED/ High School Diploma

Though a game tester’s job is not dependent on academic qualification, graduating from high school is necessary as it helps you get employed more easily. You must also be at least 18 years old before exploring this profession.

  • Play Video Games

Being a game tester involves playing games a lot. This will let you know what to look out for in games and what gamers want. Playing many games will also familiarize you with the game industry and trends.

  • Gain Technical Knowledge

Another step towards becoming a game tester is to gain technical knowledge that can give you an edge over other gamers. Learn about computer programming, graphic designing, and some other gaming-related skills. You should also get the skills that will enable you to use the tools essential for it.

  • Get a Degree

A degree is not a criterion, but it can help you get the job of a game tester faster. To become a tester, you can consider a degree in computer science, software development, and software engineering, among others.

  • Gain Experience

To become a good game tester, you should gain experience. So, you should engage in beta game testing apart from playing video games. Some companies offer video game beta test opportunities. Participate in a couple of these tests to gain experience in video game testing.

  • Build a Resume

After getting the necessary skills and certifications to become a game tester, the next thing is to build a resume. You should compile your skills and qualifications and create a compelling CV.

  • Apply For Jobs

After following all the steps listed above, the next thing that you should do is apply for jobs. Again, putting your CV inside an envelope in your room will not help. You should go out there and apply for game-testing jobs that match your skills.

Other Essential Things You Need to Become a Game Tester

Apart from the steps listed above towards becoming a game tester, there are other essential things you must have. Some of these things are below.

  • Passion

It cannot be overstated that you need to have passion for anything you want to do. For example, to become a good game tester, you must be passionate about video games, graphics, and video development.

  • Good Observation Skills

Another thing that is needed to become a game tester is good observation skills. You need to have eyes for details and be able to point out things about the game. Sometimes, even a teeny-tiny flaw can spoil the overall impression, so a tester is the one who has to prevent such mishaps.


Working as a professional game tester can be fun and fulfilling. However, you do not need more than a high school diploma, but having a degree in a related field can help. Follow the steps listed above, and you are on your way to earning lots of money playing and testing games.