Wear Ear Protection When Shooting

Why Should You Wear Ear Protection When Shooting?

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Often, people are curious about the best ear protection for shooting. If you want to protect your hearing from gunfire, it might be because you like going to the shooting range or cleaning a hunting rifle in your spare time. There’s a wide variety of shooting ear protection, like headbands, plugs, and muffs. They all have their benefits and drawbacks depending on how often/what kind of shooter you are and why you’re wearing them in the first place.

The best ear protection for shooting is a highly debated topic, and there’s no clear answer. That being said, certain factors make certain brands stand out from the rest, and if you take the time to consider them before you make your choice, you’ll be able to enjoy shooting without damaging your hearing.

Why Should You Use Ear Protection When Shooting a Firearm

Why Should You Wear Ear Protection When Shooting?

1. Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Yes, guns are loud, but hearing damage isn’t the only consequence of going to a shooting range. If you’ve never been to one, it’s quite the experience – bullets flying in every direction, people screaming and cheering as they compete against each other. And then there’s the issue of gun maintenance – all that extra equipment coupled with people talking about their scores makes for a very noisy atmosphere.

2. Earplugs Aren’t Always Noise Reduction Devices

Earplugs are often ineffective at blocking out all the noise generated by firearms and other noisy activities. While it’s true that they’re made to reduce outside noise, they’re not made to block in sounds produced by gunshots. It is why you need to protect your ears if you want your hearing to remain intact – not only will it prevent any permanent damage, but it will also make shooting much more enjoyable.

3. Protection From Explosive Ammo and Others

If you’re shooting ammo like bullets or something of the sort, you’re putting yourself at risk of getting hurt by anything flying out of the barrel during firing. It is especially dangerous if you’re using ammunition that’s explosive. Protection from earplugs, muffs, and headbands prevents you from getting hurt. Because they can absorb the shock waves that come from firing weapons.

4. Protecting Your Ears While Hunting

The same rules apply when hunting for the larger game. It’s very important to protect your hearing so it doesn’t get damaged by gunshots. If you want to be able to hear nature and other people for a long time, professional-grade ear protection is essential for your safety and health.

5. Protecting Your Ears While Working or Cleaning

Hearing protection is necessary for those working around loud machinery and cleaning firearms. With earplugs and muffs, you can protect your hearing around all that noise without wearing bulky headgear.

There are a few reasons why earplugs and muffs aren’t always effective at preventing hearing damage. Earplugs, in particular, aren’t as effective because they don’t block out all the noise generated by gunshots. But they do take away the most harmful part of it – the echoes. Because of this, they’re only effective in reducing ambient noise while they aren’t being used.