AFO brace for Foot Drop

AFO Brace For Foot Drop!

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If you have foot drop, you should consider using an AFO brace to reduce your foot drop. These braces are lightweight and are designed to fit inside most shoes. They also provide stability for foot drop sufferers. There are several types of AFO braces, so you can choose one that suits your needs best.

Neofect STEP:

The Neofect STEP AFO brace for Foot Drop is a lightweight, adjustable, and durable support device that helps people with foot drop walk effortlessly. It fits comfortably on the left leg and provides support throughout all phases of the gait cycle. It helps to position the foot for a secure heel strike. It also features a built-in stepping system that lets users step confidently while wearing the brace.

The Neofect Step supports multiple phases of gait by providing a secure heel strike and ankle joint stabilization during mid-stance. It also provides dynamic dorsiflexion through an elastomer ankle joint. This ensures that the toes are cleared during the swing phase. It also helps improve balance by allowing the ankle to move freely and maintain proper alignment.


If you have foot drop, an AFO brace can help you walk and perform activities of daily living. These devices are custom-made and can be worn for short periods of time or permanently. They can be easily concealed or outwardly visible depending on how severe the foot drop is. The cost of an AFO brace can vary depending on your insurance coverage and the type you need.

AFO braces come in rigid and soft models. The rigid option is better because it provides more support. However, soft versions are more comfortable, as they allow for ankle movement. Another option is a hinged brace, which allows the patient’s ankle muscles to move. A solid brace, on the other hand, completely supports the foot and ankle. They may cause ankle contractures.


The SA-AFO foot drop brace can help you with many conditions affecting your ankle and foot. It is the most commonly prescribed orthosis in the US and is undergoing more research every year. Unlike other braces, the SA-AFO is not visible and can be easily concealed. Some patients prefer a more discreet model. However, the cost of this brace varies widely, depending on your insurance coverage and the type of AFO you need.

The SA-AFO is a foot-drop brace that consists of two parts. The upper and lower halves are molded together. They are inserted into the lower leg. This allows the toes to move up and down in the foot. The lower part of the ankle is usually flat. AFOs are usually worn in conjunction with shoes and are primarily used for people who have a drop foot.

SA-AFO with rocker soles:

SA-AFOs (Sectional Ankle Orthotics) are an excellent choice for foot drop and a wide range of other limb problems. They are effective in preventing pain and improving function in a wide variety of sports and activities. In addition to reducing foot drop, AFOs help patients improve their balance and endurance while running. They are effective for athletes of all sports and levels of fitness.

SA-AFO with rocker soles is an option for patients with foot drop. Rocker soles reduce ankle plantarflexion during the contact phase of gait, and reduce the flexion moment at the knee. Dr. Huppin’s SA-AFOs feature a heel-to-toe rocker sole and a medial flare for PTTD. Check out this product AT-X XTERN Assessment Tool is for more information.

CROW with rocker soles:

Rocker soles on shoes have been shown to help reduce pain associated with foot problems. The type and placement of rockers can provide different benefits. For example, rocker soles placed in the forefoot reduce pressure under the ball of the foot and reduce motion in the toe joints. They are typically used to treat hallux limitus and ball of foot pain.

Rocker soles are usually designed with a steel shank and steel bars. This combination reduces the metatarsophalangeal extension of the foot and improves biomechanics for transmetatarsal amputees.