How to GPS Track a Phone on Android?

How to GPS Track a Phone on Android?

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If you have ever wanted to know how to GPS track a cell phone, you’re not alone. Android smartphones are a valuable communication and photography tool. But did you know that they are also a powerful GPS tracker? Learn how to track a phone on Android and get complete peace of mind. Here are some of the best apps you can use to track a phone. Read on to learn more.


Spyine GPS tracking software is a very safe solution for tracking mobile phones. Its powerful technology lets you know where your children are and if your child has been chatting with someone who doesn’t want to be tracked. It is compatible with all major browsers and can be uninstalled remotely if needed. The app can also track a phone’s SIM Card and send alerts via email if the SIM has been swapped.

When installing the Spyine GPS tracking software, you should activate the “geo-fencing” mode to protect yourself from being hacked. Spyine | Most Trustworthy Android Spy SolutionThis mode will sync with the target phone when the target logs in to the application. You can also hide the tracking data from the target phone in case of an attack. This feature is extremely helpful for parents who want to monitor their children’s whereabouts.

Spyine enables you to monitor targeted phone conversations, read messages and social media chats, and access call logs. It also lets you create marked zones on e-maps. It also lets you view the browser history of your child and provides a summary of each activity. It covers the most important parameters in a simple online dashboard. Its easy-to-use interface makes it ideal for tracking and locating stolen mobile phones.

One of the most convenient features of Spyine is its ability to monitor a mobile phone or tablet without the user knowing about it. It works by being hidden in the background of the user’s device and subsequently cannot be detected. It also runs in stealth mode, so no one can notice its presence. The Spyine mobile phone tracking software is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The Spyine Android solution requires only 5 minutes of access to the target Android device. Unlike its iOS counterpart, the Spyine iOS solution is cloud-based, so all you need is a browser and your favorite mobile device. This mobile phone monitoring software is a great way to monitor a smartphone even when it’s not yours. So, if you’re looking to track your child’s every move, Spyine GPS tracking software is a great way to stay on top of them.


There are many reasons why you would want to monitor a cell phone. Whether you need to monitor a phone’s location, keep tabs on who texts you or simply want to spy on someone’s phone, you can get the answers you need with mSpy. This spy app will let you see every detail about the phone that you target. Using mSpy, you will find out everything about the target phone, including the model, cellular service provider, software version, battery percentage, and recent syncing status. You can even find out if someone has rooted the phone by checking the rooting status.

The mSpy app will even show you everything an employee is typing on their phone. Not only will mSpy tell you what they are typing, but it will also give you a history of everything that they are sending and receiving. Moreover, the app can let you see the photos and videos that the employee is sending or receiving. This is the ultimate way to keep tabs on any employee’s phone activity.

Once you install the mSpy application on the target phone, you can set the default behavior of the device. It is possible to set mSpy to automatically upload data to the control panel every 30 minutes. However, this can drain the battery quickly. Therefore, you need to limit the interval between updates. In addition, you can only allow the mSpy app to upload videos when it has a good connection, such as wi-fi.

mSpy can also track the location of a cell phone. By monitoring the GPS location of a cell phone, you can easily keep a tab on your child’s phone. Besides, mSpy allows you to track their calls, SMS messages, and other apps. Furthermore, you can track up to three different phones using mSpy. This app is not only safe but also inexpensive.

mSpy works on a wide range of operating systems, including Android, iOS, and Windows. It is also available for jailbroken phones. You don’t need to be concerned about compatibility issues since the app works on any phone. mSpy has great customer support. The customer support team will answer any questions and resolve any compatibility issues as quickly as possible.


There are many benefits to using a phone tracker app like FamiSafe, which offers more than just GPS tracking. It offers parental control tools, which allow you to block websites and content without having to limit access to your child’s device. Using this app is particularly helpful if your child is accessing inappropriate websites. While limiting internet access can help you keep your child safe, it is often impossible to prevent inappropriate content from being accessed.

Once you have set up an account with FamiSafe, you can begin remotely tracking your child’s device. You’ll need to install the app on the child’s device and log in to the same account. FamiSafe - The Most Reliable Parental Control AppYou’ll also have to mark the app for “Parents” use so that you can monitor your child’s location. Once you have the app on the device, you’ll be able to start tracking your child’s movements and get alerts when they have been caught in the act of breaking the law.

FamiSafe’s location tracking feature is a great parental control tool. This app can send geofence-activated alerts to let you know if your child is going out of bounds. The FamiSafe app also works to block websites and apps that your child accesses, including social networks. With parental control features like this, it’s easy to monitor your child’s smartphone usage.

In addition to monitoring a child’s location, FamiSafe also has powerful parental control features. It lets you set geofences for a safe neighborhood. You can also set a time limit on a child’s screen. Another great feature is the web filter, which lets you block websites and content that may be harmful to your child. It also lets you choose keywords that can be blocked.

Using the FamiSafe phone tracker will give you valuable insights into your child’s driving habits. The app will automatically generate a detailed report each time your child uses the phone. You can review this report after each trip and make any necessary adjustments. You can set a 4-digit PIN to protect the integrity of your account. This will prevent tampering with your account settings.


Once installed, EyeZy will enable you to monitor a target device’s location and calendar events. You can also track the user’s contacts and see the device’s schedule. It will also allow you to block applications that aren’t authorized. You can even pause the monitoring if the target device isn’t using the service. You can access all of the data through the control panel of EyeZy.

To install EyeZy on a jailbroken iPhone, you must first jailbreak the device. You can find out the iOS version in Settings, General, About, and then choose “iPhone.” Once you have the right iOS version, select the appropriate platform and then follow the installation instructions. The entire process should take about 30 minutes. Make sure you have access to the target device and follow the instructions carefully.

You can also monitor a phone’s WiFi connection using EyeZy. It blocks any WiFi connection that looks suspicious and provides access to parental controls. EyeZy has Magic Alerts that let you know when your child is typing in keywords. You can also add keyword phrases and restrict them to certain apps. If you’re worried about a child stealing your smartphone, then EyeZy is a great choice.

Once you’ve installed EyeZy, you can monitor the phone’s location by using the app. It uses GPS data to pinpoint the location of a target phone and shows it on a map. As newer devices are released, the GPS data is more accurate than ever. You can even pin the location to a city block. It’s possible to set up multiple locations at once. This way, you’ll be able to keep an eye on everything your child does with their mobile device.

Another great feature of EyeZy is that it’s much more than a monitoring app. You can set a predefined location and receive notifications when the tracked person enters it. The app also displays a calendar of events for the tracked person, making it easy to view and navigate. It also allows you to view notes that your target phone makes. So, you’ll have peace of mind that your child won’t know he or she’s being monitored.