Where is the Mysterious Pod in Fortnite?

Where is the Mysterious Pod in Fortnite?

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If you have a pickaxe, you can crack open a hidden chest inside the mysterious pod near a tree. Fortunately, the pod is a common target for players, because it has a chest and everyone is trying to reach it. However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore this challenge; it will only make your journey easier. If you’re having a tough time finding this chest, keep reading to find out more information.

Stealthy Stronghold

If you’re a veteran of the Fortnite chapter 2 season 8 map, you know that the Stealthy Stronghold is still around. Look to the northwestern corner of the map for a large building, an octagon, and bottles of leafy green. After you land, find the building and use its doors to explore the area. Afterward, you can build over it.

The next anomaly in the Stealthy Stronghold can be spotted in the middle of the city. It’s shaped like a ghost butterfly and will fly away when approached. A glowing crystal butterfly will be visible on the soil. If you can find it, you’ll be rewarded with a shard of glass. You can also use it to see a nearby shard of crystal.

While Stealthy Stronghold is a nice starter location on the island, the location is more difficult to find than many others. How Many Storm Circles are in FortniteHowever, if you’re looking to play a slower game, this location is an excellent choice. The area is perfect for farming and looting, so it’s likely to have a few challenges. However, it’s a place worth exploring for experienced players!

Predator skin challenges

The “Mysterious Pod” has arrived in Fortnite. In the game, this mysterious pod is not destroyed – breaking it reveals a chest containing loot. This pod also serves as a tease for the Fortnite Predator skin. Complete the pod challenge to unlock the Predator skin, and you’ll soon be able to play as the iconic hunter.

It’s possible to get the Mysterious Pod in Fortnite, but you have to first find the spot where the pod is. The location is Stealthy Strongholds, which is an area near a river. Once you get there, head north along the river until you reach a big tree. Then, break the door to the pod and take the chest inside. It’s as easy as that!

Once you’ve found it, you can begin exploring the Pod’s contents. If you want to get a Predator Banner Icon, you need to approach the Mysterious Pod. In addition to the chest, you can collect Medikits to improve your gear and weapons. Once you’ve collected the necessary items, you can move on to other Jungle Hunter challenges and earn the Predator Icon.

Location of the mysterious pod

A Mysterious Pod can be found on the map of Fortnite. The Pod is located on a small island near an ancient ruin. Once you’ve found it, you can loot the chest inside. This chest can be found by breaking the door to the pod with a pickaxe. However, it is important to note that everyone else is also trying to find this chest. To get to it, you need to reach the area south of Stealthy Stronghold.

To complete the Mysterious Pod, players must talk to three specific NPCs. They will give you a unique cosmetic reward, which you can use to buy more of that skin. In addition to that, you’ll need to find a Medkit to get a special skin for yourself. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process. So, get going on finding the Mysterious Pod in Fortnite!

To locate the Mysterious Pod, you’ll need to head to the Stealthy Stronghold, which is located in the northwest quadrant of the map. After completing this quest, you will unlock the Predator Skin. To get there, you’ll need to drop to the location indicated on the pinned map. The map below shows you how to get there. If you’re struggling to find it, check the map to make sure you’re not missing anything.