Top 10 Strongest Anime Characters

Top 10 Strongest Anime Characters

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The debate about who is the strongest anime character will likely never die, but this discussion will surely get a lot of attention from fans of certain shows and movies. After all, a ranking is subjective, so who should be on top? In this article, we’ll take a look at Izuku Midoriya, Sosuke Aizen, Kenshiro, and Zen-oh. If you’re an anime fan, be sure to read this article to discover the best ways to rank your favorite characters.

Izuku Midoriya

Among the strongest anime characters is Izuku Midoriya, the heroine of the popular series Sailor Moon. She possesses impressive strength and speed, a powerful impenetrable defense, and high charisma.My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Teases Izuku's Future Title Her powers are insane, and her personality is opposite to that of the usual heroine. Midoriya declared herself the number one hero of the universe in her very first episode. Midoriya also has an incredible quirk known as One For All. This quirk not only gives her unbeatable strength but also teaches her geography.

Sosuke Aizen

In the series, Sosuke Aizen is a master swordsman with incredible power. Aizen 1080P, 2K, 4K, 5K HD wallpapers free download | Wallpaper FlareHis swords can slice through even the toughest of enemies. In a fight with Ichigo, he nearly reveals his lineage. But Isshin comes to the rescue and saves the day! It is amazing to watch him take on the strongest opponents, even his teammates.


While Goku has been the most powerful character in the Dragon Ball Z universe, Zen-Oh is even more powerful.Zen-Oh Wallpapers - Wallpaper Cave In Dragon Ball Super, the Super Saiyan character reaches a new level of power by accessing the Power of the Gods. His ability to wipe out entire worlds is unmatched. He has the power to wipe out everything, but he isn’t particularly intelligent. Rather, his mind is governed by his childlike nature and his desire to play and destroy. In Future Trunks Saga, Zen-Oh uses this power to destroy the entire planet.


The anime series Fate/Zero introduces us to a powerful warrior named Kenshiro, a master of the Hokuto Shinken.Kenshiro | ACG Arena Wiki | Fandom He fights against those who abuse the weak and uses his incredible strength and battle sense to destroy anyone in his path. While he does not experience a major character arc, he never gets weaker. His ability to defeat anyone has remained consistent throughout the series, despite his lack of any arc.


If you’re looking for some of the strongest anime characters, you’ve probably come across Mikasa before.Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan | CharacTour This strong girl is tough and won’t back down from any challenge. She wears her heart on her sleeve and won’t keep any secrets. Although she was already a strong woman before she joined the military, Mikasa has become even stronger in the series. She is arguably the most powerful Survey Corps soldier by manga standards.

Saiki Kusuo

One of the reasons that Saiki Kusuo is one of many strong characters in anime is that he uses his superhuman abilities sparingly.Saiki Kusuo - Saiki Kusuo no Sainan - Zerochan Anime Image Board His psychic powers are particularly impressive and he can teleport and time-travel. However, Saiki’s powers are suppressed by a device, which he uses to disguise his abilities. Because of this, he does not use them when it would be most beneficial. However, his big heart makes him the ultimate superhero.

Zeref Dragneel

A strong character in an anime series, Zeref Dragneel can destroy everything in his way. His power set encompasses Black Arts, Death Magic, and Living Magic.Zeref Dragneel Wallpapers - Top Free Zeref Dragneel Backgrounds - WallpaperAccess He is also immortal and has the power to absorb massive amounts of damage. In one episode, he took the most powerful attack from Natsu Dragneel without any trouble. Moreover, he is immortal and has the power to sense other powerful creatures and people.

Son Goku

The Dragon Ball series features some of the strongest characters in all of anime history. Son Goku (DRAGON BALL) - Zerochan Anime Image BoardSon Goku’s unorthodox journey to find seven Dragon Balls helped bring anime to the mainstream and has made him one of the strongest characters in the series. As the main character of the series, Goku is considered one of the strongest martial artists in the universe, but not by a huge margin. Other anime characters are stronger than Goku, such as Jiren.