Injustice: Gods Among Us Maps and Specimen Rooms

Injustice: Gods Among Us Maps and Specimen Rooms

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The Injustice: Gods Among Us game offers several options for its players. These options include large map sizes, Cameras, Imposters, and Specimen Rooms. Read on to learn more about these options. You can also find other helpful tips by reading our article on injustice: Gods Among Us game guide. We will discuss how to use the large map and Specimen Rooms.

Large map size

The map is the second largest Among Us and has more tasks than The Airship. There are two visual tasks on the map, one of which is scanning for boarding passes. To complete this task, you must use your red scanner, and a yellow triangle will appear to the left. Another visual task is the asteroid shooter in the weapons section. You must clear all Astroids to complete the task.

There are several rooms to explore in Polus, but the gameplay does not feel as laborious as in The Airship. It may have to do with the clustered tasks and the usual ability of doors and vents. In addition, the map’s large size gave rise to a lot of controversies. Players who are wrongly voted out of a game are immediately thrown into lava. The vents that appear on the map add to the lore of alien infiltration.Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Two Annual 1 | Injustice:Gods Among Us Wiki | Fandom In addition, players can use the console to see where their teammates are. This console will only show the player icon when they are in a room.

The map is very large, and developers have included skills to help the investigation. There are many vents, so be sure to find the vent that is most useful to you and trade-off with your crewmate. This will force the impostors to hunt for a more difficult spot. It can also fool them into thinking that the lights are going out, which is not full proof. However, it will help you avoid costly errors that may result in death.


The Among Us polus map allows players to control the location of security cameras and help others out in times of need. There are many ways to access the security cameras, such as using the emergency meeting button and vents. The vents on the map connect with the security, electrical, and O2 rooms, as well as the northeast and west corridors. The south corridor is an excellent place to place a security camera, as it allows players to see what’s happening in other parts of the building.

In addition to seeing what’s going on in the game, players can use cameras to witness kills and check activity on the map. If you’re unsure where to find these cameras, you can also use the Vitals Monitor, which is only available on Polus. The Vitals Monitor is one of the most useful security tools in Among Us, but often gets abused. It is best to use cameras with caution, and only if you’re 100% sure of their location.

The Polus map has six large areas under camera surveillance. You’ll find these areas near the exits to the east and west wings. There are also two decontamination rooms. You’ll find a security button and a yellow triangle on the left, highlighting your boarding pass when you’ve completed this task. The Polus map is the third in the Among Us series. It has a smaller version called Mira HQ, but it’s popular with local players. It is also connected.


The Imposters Among Us polus map is one of the most important areas to master in the game. Knowing the various rooms on the map will give you an advantage over your opponents. This map also has a vent in the middle that an Impostor can use to come and go from the mp. Identifying the impostor is not always possible, so it’s essential to check vital signs often.

The Polus task is located behind everyone when they spawn in. Be sure to watch where they go and when they get there. Keep a constant light on, even if it means being a bit more stealthy. Keeping lights on forces impostors to find harder places to kill, and also tricks them into thinking the lights are going out. But beware, it’s not 100% effective.

Once in the Polus, the Imposter will be able to disable the reactors and the seismic stabilizers. This is a huge security risk, so it’s important to avoid playing alone. You may also want to lock the doors in a decontamination room if you’re worried about being identified as an imposter. Besides, it’s also wise to stay away from the O2 sector if you’re an imposter. The O2 sector has many different rooms that help you stay alive and avoid getting caught.

Specimen Rooms

The Specimen Room is located near the bottom right corner of the Polus map. You can access it by passing through several decontamination rooms. It also features a long, empty hallway. The room is equipped with windows, which allow you to view the exterior of the room. There are a few boxes and a gallon of fuel in the room. The room also contains a hole that connects to the Communications and Office areas.

Players who have already mastered the Specimen Room can use this room to their advantage since it is separated from the rest of the map by an airlock. Then, they can scan any object and view its biological information. This is especially helpful for catching imposters who are trying to use your vital signs. The only downside of this location is that the room’s security system does not support split-screen gameplay. You must press the arrow to switch between screens.

When playing the Specimen Room, players must complete certain tasks to progress. In the Laboratory, you must match the temperatures of various rooms. In the Scan Submission mission, you must stand in front of the scanner. Once it completes the scan, you will have to upload a report to the appropriate department. The Sample Inspection task requires you to wait 90 seconds before clicking the green button. Once you have completed the task, you will be able to see your sample and its colors change.


If you are looking for a new challenge in Sabotage Among Us, then Polus is the right place to start. This map used to be the biggest in the game, but with the addition of the Airship, it’s lost its position. However, this doesn’t mean that this map is without potential. There are many open spaces and closed buildings that you can exploit. Read on to discover the most lucrative places to kill your opponents.

The sabotage in this map is similar to any other one and consists of shutting a door and sabotaging the Seismic Stabilizers on either side. While you aren’t going to kill the imposter, shutting down the door will melt the Seismic Stabilizers on the opposite side of the room. The melted stabilizers will be a guaranteed win for the imposter.

If your crewmates are not near stabilizers, then you can use the fingerprint scanner to activate them. You can even break into a sabotage room if your teammate is sabotaged. You need to be convincing during the emergency meeting. It is also best if you are honest about your whereabouts. You should join conversations if you suspect someone is imposing on you. You can fix these problems with a little creativity.

Keeping lights on to deter imposters

One of the best ways to combat imposters is to stick together. One crewmate should turn on the lights and keep them on while the others do their tasks. Another crewmate can alternate the role of a light monitor. Keeping the lights on forces imposters to hunt in darker areas, where they may be caught. This strategy is not foolproof, but it can be effective in deterring impostors.

To protect your crew, you must repair the lights in the security room near the lab and specimen room. In the lab, lights can be sabotaged to take advantage of your team. Keeping lights on can prevent imposters from killing your crew. It is also important to have a full-featured vent system. The lights can also be used to spy on other players.

The Skeld room is connected to other rooms. On either end of the Specimen room, you’ll find two long hallways. If you’re in this room, you’ll likely have to deal with imposters who may be trying to sneak into your base. Therefore, you should be sure to turn on the lights and lock the doors before heading inside the room.