How to get Shiny Grimer Guide For Pokemon GO?

How to get Shiny Grimer For Pokemon GO?

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If you’ve played Pokemon GO for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that the Spotlight Hour has brought along a new addition: the Shiny Grimer. Only available for 60 minutes each day, this new Pokémon is a member of the Generation 1 Kanto Region. The game’s new addition makes the 151 creatures from Generation 1 even more impressive. The Shiny Grimer is the first Gen 1 creature to make an appearance in an AR game!

Alolan Grimer

The Alolan Grimer is a Dark-type Pokemon with a high chance of poisoning its opponents. It can trap threats and weakened foes and OHKO them with Poison Jab. The Alolan Grimer can also Pursuit, which deals decent damage and dents a foe’s items. Its ability to survive most hits also makes it a viable choice for OHKOing a Pokemon.

The Alolan Grimer is a Dark and Poison-type Pokemon with a 20% damage boost in foggy weather. It is weak to Ground-type strikes and is strong against Psychic-type Pokemon. It can evolve into Alolan Muk. shiny grimer pokemon goYou can use Alolan Grimer’s Shadow Sneak to pick off weak targets and regain HP, as well as get a climate boost. The Alolan Grimer also has a 20% damage boost when playing in foggy weather, making it a great choice for your team.

Alolan Muk

The Alolan Muk is a Poison and Dark type Pokemon that is found in the Kanto region. Its base stats are similar to its Kantonian cousin, which are 190, 184, and 210, respectively. As a Poison-type attacker, the Alolan Muk is the best choice for Ultra League but doesn’t cut it in the Master League. The only major drawback to the Alolan Grimer is its low max CP and the fact that it doesn’t require XLs to be useful.

The Alolan Muk has a slightly different color scheme from its predecessor, the Grimer, which is also a Poison type. The difference isn’t dramatic, though, and is barely visible at the first glance. The Alolan Muk has psychedelic-style colors and low body weight. Its weakness is Ground. This Pokemon is best avoided unless you have high levels in Dark-type Pokémon.


The Shiny Grimer is a very difficult Pokemon to find. There are different ways to catch it, including raids, incubator eggs, and wild encounters, but the chances of getting a shiny one are only 1 in 500. You’re best off looking for the more common Grimer in urban areas, as it’s much easier to find them than shiny ones. The following guide will explain how to find a shiny Grimer.

The Alolan Grimer is a powerful Poison-type Pokemon, and you can use it in league battles once you’ve caught it. Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb are the best movesets for this Pokemon, making it an easy choice for league battles. Once you’ve caught an Alolan Grimer, you can evolve it into a powerful Pokemon with 50 candies.

Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon GO

The shiny version of the Kanto Region of Pokemon GO is here! This is the first time that the green slime Pokemon has been released in the shiny form in an AR game. However, not all of the Pokemon in this region are shiny. You can still catch the original, non-shiny Pokemon with Pokeballs during the spotlight hours. You’ll need to head out in the wild and look for multiple spawns if you’d like to catch them all.

There are 2 Pokemon in the Grimer family. Grimer evolves into Muk, which has a Max CP of 1,374. For attacks in Gyms, Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb are the best movesets. The Sludge Bomb moveset has the highest DPS overall, so you’ll want to make sure to use this combo when fighting Pokemon. You can even get Shiny Grimers by using lure modules and incense.

Using Incense

If you’ve ever wondered where to find Shiny Grimer in Pokemon Go, you’re not alone. There are plenty of ways to get your hands on this Poison-type pokemon. While raids and incubator eggs are two ways to get these rare monsters, the odds of finding a shiny version are slim, at best one per 500 battles. For a more reliable method, use lure and incense, and walk around urban areas.

During Spotlight Hour, Grimer will spawn more often and almost completely replace other Pokemon. To do so, first, load up the game and then pop an Incense Module and a Lure Module. Then look for the Grimer you want to catch! After that, you’ll have the chance to collect two shiny Grimer, a shiny and a regular one! After the Spotlight Hour is over, the Grimer will spawn in the 7km eggs that you hatched.