How to Get Better at Warding League of Legends?

How to Get Better at Warding League of Legends?

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There are a few different strategies that will help you improve your warding in the league. You can use Control Wards, take advantage of fallen turrets, and make use of a Trinket to your advantage. You should also be aware of where the enemy jungler is to ensure you can avoid their wards. Here are a few tips to get you started. You should also be able to recognize when your enemy is about to land their wards, and where they’ll be when they’re attacking you.

Taking advantage of fallen turrets

Using fallen turrets to your advantage is a great way to improve your warding skills in League of Legends.Vision Control: Step By Step Warding Guide for LoL - Mobalytics A turret will usually be destroyed by sieging, but you can also take advantage of the fall of a turret by pushing lane with a friend. Taking the turret down with an ally will help you push lane faster, and it’ll also force your enemy team to lose experience and gold.

When taking down a turret, it’s important to take advantage of the fallen turret’s weak spot. You can take advantage of this weak spot to push your team to the middle lane. Once you’re there, you can move your champion to the inner turret to take out your enemies. However, you can’t take advantage of the fallen turrets as easily as you might with normal turrets.

Using a Trinket

The warding Trinket is one of the safest trinkets to equip in the early game. It will provide your champion with free warding for ten seconds. Furthermore, it also grants you vision control to improve your safety and counterjungling. Hopefully, this guide has helped you become a better warder! You’re now ready to move onto other trinkets!

If you’re not sure how to ward in the league, consider repositioning your wards to cover the enemy jungle and entrances. To get the most out of your warding, place it slightly further back, so it covers the enemy jungle. It’s also better to switch to the correct trinket every now and then. And, if you’re still confused, check out our tips below!

Using Control Wards

Using Control-Wards can make you more successful in leagues, as they give the opposing team information, allowing them to back off. The longer you’re overextended, the more time your enemy laner has to kill you. Therefore, it’s important to use Control Wards as much as possible to increase your winning chances. Below are some tips to use Control Wards to your advantage.

First, you must place Control-Wards in the right locations. Most players tend to place their wards in predictable locations, making them ineffective. If you place your wards in unexpected locations, you might discover that you can use them more effectively than you initially thought. Moreover, you can use them to record your victory against an enemy. When you’re able to do this, you will have more options to use Control-Wards to master the warding league.

Knowing where the enemy jungler is

The best way to learn how to ward is by learning where the enemy jungler is located in the map. Depending on the team that you are playing for, your warding location might change depending on the jungler position. Red team wards over and around the dragon pit. Blue team wards around the dragon pit. These three locations are similar to each other and can be used for different situations.

The main objective of warding is to give your team maximum information about your jungler. Ideally, you should place the wards on the joining line or mid lane. This will allow you to know when the enemy jungler enters or leaves the jungle. This way, you can avoid being caught unaware by your opponent and ward them accordingly. If you have an enemy jungler, you can place your ward around them and prevent them from taking their objective.

Using the Farsight Trinket

Using the Farsight Trinket will allow you to see enemies more easily and more accurately in warding league. This warding ability grants you vision for up to 4000 units in the distance. You can also use it to scan bushes before you enter them, reducing the chance of facechecks and allowing you to spot enemies doing objectives. In addition to granting vision, it also allows you to ward around your team, allowing them to see enemies more efficiently and eliminate them more easily.

Aside from helping you to see more enemies, warding can also make you less vulnerable to ganks. As you can see, warding in this manner is a large part of movement knowledge. Good movement skills can save your team from a lot of death and help you make a bigger impact in the game. Once you have mastered your warding skills, you will be able to dominate the warding league in no time.