Clayton Haugen vs Activision

Clayton Haugen vs Activision

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company hired streamer Alex Zedra

Is there a legal battle brewing between the creator of Cade Janus and Activision? Considering that the character was created as a story treatment, one would assume that he would be representing himself. However, after some digging, I found two articles discussing the legality of Haugen’s lawsuit. The first one talks about how the company failed to compensate Haugen for his work, and the second discusses why the publisher is trying to get back at him.

Haugen Cade Janus

The alleged lawsuit alleges that Infinity Ward illegally copied Clayton Haugen’s Cade Janus character, which he created in a story pitch. Haugen’s suit features photos comparing the original photo shoot with the Call of Duty promotional material. The plaintiff is suing the video game developer after his concept images of Cade Janus were posted on an Infinity Ward studio wall. Haugen is being represented by the Potts Law Firm.

Activision’s legal department said Haugen registered the character Cade Janus in 2012/13, but failed to register the original photo shoot until 2020. Activision Fights Back Against Call of Duty Copyright Infringement Lawsuit * TorrentFreakThe company has yet to respond to the lawsuit, but it is worth noting that Haugen’s images were registered to him earlier. Activision, however, may argue that the photographs were used as a reference. Activision has yet to comment on the lawsuit, but Polygon has reached out to the company for comment.

The company hired a streamer, Alex Zedra to model for the Cade Janus character, and she posed for pictures of the character on the internet. The photographs were then used for promotional materials and the company also hired a makeup artist for the character. The images that resulted were essentially copies of Haugen’s Cade Janus photographs. The lawsuit claims that the video game company illegally copied and used the photos in promotional material.

Activision’s legal action

Activision’s legal action against the video game developer has led to an investigation into the character. Activision allegedly copied a character from a short story by the same name, and Haugen denies that they did. Haugen also claims that Zedra was hired to portray Cade Janus in 207 and that the two of them used the same photographer and stylist. However, a review of the movie showed that Haugen is not to blame for the infringement.

The infringement of Haugen’s cade Janus lawsuit is not surprising. A similar case brought by the same lawyer, Huffman v. Activision, is a case that focuses on video game copyright. In that case, the publisher is accused of using Haugen’s cade Janus character in an attempt to market the game. While the lawsuit is still in the early stages, the case could lead to more court action.


The creator of the “Call of Duty” video game series, Clayton Haugen, is suing Activision over alleged copyright violations. Haugen claims that Activision copied a character from his short story “November Renaissance,” which featured a female vigilante named Cade Janus. The photos are published on Haugen’s website and Instagram, and the series was also featured in a series of calendars.

The character was created as part of a film pitch but was used in the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Haugen worked with the streamer Alex Zedra to bring the character to life, including photographing him and using his photographs. The character is then three-dimensionally scanned, using the photographs as a reference. Ultimately, the video game became an instant hit.

The company hired streamer Alex Zedra

The video game industry has long been skeptical of Haugen’s original creation. The company hired streamer Alex Zedra to play the character in the video game. The model posed for photos of the character, which were shared on social media and forwarded to the film studios. Activision then hired a make-up artist who copied the look of the real Cade Janus. In addition, the studio asked Haugen to borrow the same clothes and accessories to recreate the look.

Haugen claims that the images taken from the original photo shoot for “Cade Janus” were copied without attribution. Activision has not responded to Haugen’s lawsuit, but the company has a history of courting controversy in the gaming industry. Activision’s history with these cases is a testament to the importance of copyright. The lawsuit is an attempt to recover any monetary damages he has suffered due to the copyright infringement.

Haugen is a writer, videographer, and photographer. He claims that the character Mara in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is based on Cade Janus from his novel, November ResistanceToto avoid having his story stolen, Haugen hired Twitch streamer Alex Zedra to portray Mara. However, Haugen has not yet responded to the allegations.

Infinity Ward

The creator of the video game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, is suing Infinity Ward after the company used one oitsis character in their promotional campaign. He hired streamer Alex Zedra to play the role of the titular character, Cade Janus. The team photographed Alex Zedra in the role of the cybernetic warrior to use as a character in the game. The company subsequently used these photographs for their commercials and now faces legal action.

The original comic book featured a pariah vigilante named Cade Janus, who fights against corporate evil in a dystopian near-future. Activision is being sued for a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone character's appearance - Dot EsportsThe conflict is being orchestrated by non-human intelligence, but Haugen argued that a female protagonist would separate his comic from the already over-saturated comics market. Haugen also argued that the game would be more successful if the lead character was female.

In a lawsuit filed in February

In a lawsuit filed in February, Haugen alleged that Activision had copied his character’s look to create the fictional character Mara. Haugen says the photographs were taken for marketing purposes and did not reflect the character’s appearance. Haugen had originally written the story as a short story called November Renaissance and hoped to option it for the game. It has a lot of similarities to the original story.

In an attempt to fight back, Haugen is suing the video game company for copyrighting his character and images from the November Renaissance. Haugen’s lawsuit states that Activision copied his character’s look and model, which is not true. Haugen says he hired Zedra to play the role in 2017 and used the same photographer and stylist. Activision claims that the pictures used were taken from the same photo shoot.

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After the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Clayton Haugen filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against the companies for using his character, Cade Janus. Haugen claims the character’s photos and similar looks were inspired by his own. Haugen also claims that the exact photo of the character was placed on the wall of the Infinity Ward studio. Although the company has yet to comment on the suit, the lawsuit may be a publicity stunt.

The company was also sued by a writer named Clayton Haugen, claiming that the character Mara in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a direct copy of one of his creations. Haugen created the character of Cade Janus for his game November Renaissance, and the company has since adapted it to the video game industry. Although Haugen’s suit is not based on any actual work, the court case has the potential to be a major development in the video game industry.