Top 10 Hottest Peppers in the World

Top 10 Hottest Peppers in the World

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If you are interested in the spiciest peppers, here is a list of the hottest varieties. We’ve listed the Carolina Reaper, Butch T, Dragon’s Breath, Naga Viper, and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, but if you want even hotter chilies, read on. Then you can make your own list of the hottest peppers! And remember, the hottest peppers are not necessarily those that are most commonly available.

Butch T

The Trinidad Scorpion, or “Butch T,” is one of the world’s hottest peppers.CAROLINA REAPER, TRINIDAD MORUGA SCORPION, BHUT JOLOKIA & NAGA MORICH | eBay Its stinger on its end makes it look like a scorpion. Its fruity flavor makes it a favorite of foodies and hot sauce makers. Its stinger makes it extremely spicy, so make sure you wear safety gear when handling it. Butch T peppers are extremely hot, so be sure to use caution when handling them.

The Trinidad Scorpion “Butch T” is one of the hottest peppers in the world, according to Scoville units. However, most chiliheads in the United States believe that the Butch T is being eclipsed by other peppers. Just two decades ago, the Red Savina Habanero was the world’s hottest pepper. Its 1.4 million Scoville rating has made it one of the most popular hot peppers in the world.

Dragon’s Breath

The Dragon’s Breath pepper has been described as one of the hottest foods in the world. With a spiciness rating of nine hundred and fifty-five, the pepper is said to be nearly as hot as the Carolina Reaper. Its name, Dragon’s Breath, has even inspired a folklore surrounding it. However, most of those who write about this pepper haven’t tried eating it themselves, and so have no idea of what to expect from this spicy pepper.

When first discovered, the Dragon’s Breath pepper was subject to media hype. Though it is a very hot pepper, it’s comparatively small in size compared to ghost pepper and Carolina Reaper. This pepper is a bit smaller than both of these two, but its Scoville rating is nearly twice as high as the Carolina Reaper! It’s still not safe to consume.

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion

The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper has a fruit-like flavor and an intense heat that builds in your mouth. This pepper has almost a glossy appearance because of its oil content. It grows to about two to three inches in length, and can be half-inch to a full inch in diameter. The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion gets its name from the shape of its fruit-like capsule, which is rounder and thicker in the upper part than in the bottom.

New Mexico State University’s Chile Pepper Institute has officially named the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion as the world’s hottest pepper. It is believed to have a Scoville heat measurement of over one million units. It is hotter than the Ghost pepper, which had previously held the record. But it was the marketing campaigns of the Ghost pepper that drowned out the rest of the peppers.

Naga Viper

The Naga Viper is one of the ten hottest peppers in the world. With 1,349,000 Scoville Heat Units, this pepper is one of the most potent hot peppers. The Naga Viper is a cross between three different hot peppers, the Trinidad Scorpion, Bhut Jolokia, and Naga Morich. This pepper is extremely hot and briefly held the title of the World’s hottest pepper.

The Naga Morich is a cross between the Trinidad 7 Pot and the Naga Viper. It is sometimes called “Primo” after its creator, Troy Primeaux. It has a fruity, floral flavor and is one of the 10 hottest peppers in the world. While it is one of the most powerful peppers in the world, it’s not considered an all-time favorite.

7 Pot Primo

The spicy, fiery flavor of the 7 Pot Primo pepper is hard to beat, and it’s easy to see why: it’s a cross between the Trinidad 7-Pot and the Naga Morich. Its long, skinny “tail” makes it look like a scorpion. Its SHU value is over one million and it’s considered to be one of the hottest peppers in the world.

The name “7 Pot Primo” is derived from a legend of Trinidad that claims the pepper has the highest SHU content of all chilis. In Trinidad, the tale of the pepper’s origins tells of a man named Primo. This pepper is one of the hottest peppers around, and Primeaux claims it’s one of the spiciest in the world.