How to Make a Corn Whiskey Mash Recipe

How to Make a Corn Whiskey Mash Recipe


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make whiskey, a corn whiskey mash recipe can be a great option. You’ll need to prepare your equipment for fermentation and distillation, as well as use the right kind of corn. Read on to learn how to make corn whiskey. We’ll also cover the best corn for distillation. The first step in brewing whiskey is to crack the corn and make sure that it’s freshly cracked. Once the kernels have cracked, add the backset. Finally, add seven pounds of granulated sugar. Then, the fermentation process can begin!

Fermenting corn whiskey mash

One of the first steps in moonshine making is fermentation. This process converts corn mash into alcohol. Fermenting requires a specific pH range and an airless container. A small amount of acetone or other alcohol will cause the mash to ferment more quickly, so the pH level must be low enough to prevent the yeast from working. A pH strip can also be used to check the water’s acidity.

To ferment corn whiskey, you must first make a pre-mash. A pre-mash consists of nine pounds of cracked corn and two gallons of pre-boiled backset, which is leftover whiskey wash. Alternatively, you can also use plain water. Before starting the actual mash, it is best to boil the corn and backset together in a separate container. The pre-mash is a good way to reduce the mess and make it easier to handle during the actual mash.

Equipment needed

Several pieces of equipment are required to create a good-quality corn whiskey. The fermenter, kettle, and mash tun are all important. The kettle should be sterilized. Several pieces of equipment, such as a hydrometer and a refractometer, should also be sterilized. A cheesecloth bag and fine-mesh sieve are also important. Several gallons of water will be necessary for the mash, so you need a large one.

Several types of moonshine mash are available. The ingredients used in making moonshine are typically corn maize, water, and distillers yeast. Yeast is a type of microorganism that eats sugar to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide. Corn mash whiskey is made by stirring the mixture for at least seven minutes. It should also be fermented by adding a teaspoon of yeast to it.

Best corn to use

While yellow dent field corn is traditionally used to make whiskey, other varieties are now being grown for their particular qualities. These are commonly known as “quality” grades from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and are produced commercially in huge quantities for use as feed for cattle, ethanol, and plastics. Distillers are now asking the question, “What is the best corn to use for corn whiskey mash recipe?” They’re researching hybrid varieties of the grain, their genetic makeup, and other environmental factors to find the best option for them.

For making moonshine, you need to use five gallons of water and at least ten ears of corn. If you don’t have access to fresh corn, you can use sweet frozen corn. It’s important to mash the corn before heating it, as heat removes its flavor. You can use new or slightly used white oak barrels to age your moonshine. The mash can be stored for up to two years.

Method of distillation

To create a tasty, smooth corn whiskey, you’ll need to know how to create a method of distillation. The simplest method uses a pot still and a mash of corn. The mash is mixed with water and placed into the still. The process is repeated until all of the corn is mashed and the mash is smooth and clear. After this, the corn whiskey mash can be aged for as long as you want.

Then, you must heat mash water to between 165 and 152 degrees Fahrenheit. The mash should be kept between these temperatures so the yeast does not die. After the mash has reached this temperature, stir in 8.5 pounds of freshly cracked corn. Add one and a half gallons of backset later, and seven more pounds of granulated sugar at the end.