Which Brand Of Footwear Originated In Australia?

Which Brand of Footwear Originated in Australia?


There are several different brands of footwear from Australia. Among them, Aquila is a popular brand, starting in Melbourne in the 1950s. It now has 40 locations around Australia and is known for its sturdy construction and modern European styling. Aquila is a popular men’s footwear brand in Melbourne, serving not just the Australian market, but the world as a whole. Whether you’re looking for a stylish pair of shoes for work or casual outings, you can trust Aquila to provide you with the right footwear for any occasion. Here is the list of popular Australian footwear brands.

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Hassett Goods

Founded in Melbourne, Hassett Goods is a custom leather good and footwear company that uses the finest calf leather available. Their custom shoes are hand-made to order using the same age-old techniques as their Australian counterparts. All of the company’s products are constructed with hand-welted leather uppers and outsoles and feature hand-stitched birch pegs to secure the heel.


Despite its Australian roots, Blundstone has managed to expand globally. By the 1990s, the company had over 340 employees and revenues of between AUD 50 million and AUD 75 million. While 35 percent of the company’s sales were from farming footwear, 15 percent of its exports went to retail fashion stores. These retail stores would then sell Blundstone boots for up to AUD 200 per pair, a price that would have been a struggle for the Australian brand. By the end of the decade, the company’s reputation had spread throughout the world, with its products being sold in Australia, Italy, Brazil, and Argentina.

R.M. Williams

RM Williams founded R.M. Williams footwear in 1932 after recognizing the need for tough products in Australia. He spent months modifying a single piece of soft hide to create tough boots that could stand up to the roughest conditions. In 1934, he began advertising elastic side boots and soon became a household name for durable leather goods. Today, the company still employs 70 different hand processes to create its iconic footwear.


Founded in 1954, the iconic Sandler brand is still owned and operated by its original Australian owners. Originally known as Sandler of Boston, the brand quickly gained a global reputation and a broader appeal than its American heritage would suggest. Today, the company is a proudly Australian-owned family business, showcasing a range of quality, contemporary styles, and colors. Sandler is a leading choice for women who want to look and feel their best while at work or out and about.


Made in the UK, Haflinger footwear features leather clogs, felt slippers, and wool felt clogs. Committed to comfort, Haflinger footwear combines traditional European craftsmanship with modern design and function to create the perfect footwear for everyday life. Among the many styles available, Haflinger also offers a wide selection of slippers with removable footbeds. Whether you’re searching for a pair of comfortable shoes for work or a night out on the town, you’ll find something to fit your style and personal taste.


Founded in the 1970s by Peter Sheppard, Hartjes is a brand that is synonymous with quality, comfort, and style. With innovative technology and natural materials, Hartjes has always pushed the boundaries of design to create comfortable, stylish shoes that are also fashionable. Today, this Australian brand is a leading online store for contemporary women who want the best in style, comfort, and convenience. Hartjes offers a wide range of stylish footwear in a variety of colors and styles, and the brand promises to delight with a new collection every season. Read more informational articles on certifiedpedia.