What is VLONE?

What is VLONE?


If you are wondering what is VLONE, you are not alone. Rappers tend to create their clothing lines once they have gained a certain level of popularity. A$AP Rocky wasn’t the only one to take this route; other members of the VLONE crew included A$AP Bari and Edison Chen. It’s no surprise that rappers are increasingly becoming fashion-conscious and expanding their portfolios.

OFF-WHITE X VLONE collection

OFF-WHITE and Vlone have teamed up to bring you a new line of clothing. The collaboration is a combination of both brands’ signature color schemes: orange and black. The collection features T-shirts, sweatpants, and suits in the Vlone orange and black shade scheme. The line also includes camo designs and a collection of sneakers. The OFF-WHITE X VLONE collection launched during Fashion Week.

This collaborative line features clothing from both brands, ranging from t-shirts to hoodies and accessories. best vlone shirts for Sale OFF50%Each piece of clothing features VLONE and OFF-WHITE logos. The lookbook for the collection was presented in Miami, with the collection’s names and logos emblazoned across its clothing. Vlone has a huge range of Vlone X Off-White clothing and a wide variety of styles at affordable prices.

OFF-WHITE X VLONE pop-up shop

For the latest collaboration between Off-White and VLONE, head to Paris and check out their pop-up shop. While there, you’ll have a chance to shop exclusive garms signed by the brand’s creative directors, including A$AP Bari, Virgil Abloh, and Edison Chen. The A$AP crew, along with local European fashionistas, were out in force.

Off-White has teamed up with A$AP MOB rapper Vlone to create a capsule collection, featuring orange and black clothing with the brands’ logos. The collaboration features collaborations with A$AP Mob members Edison Chen, A$AP Bari, and Virgil Abloh. The pop-up shop is open through April 29. The collection is limited to just a few pieces, but it’s worth a look to see a few of the designs.


OFF-WHITE X VLone t-shirts are part of the capsule collection that was created by the two brands. The orange and black clothing is adorned with OFF-WHITE and VLONE logos. During the show, VLONE models Edison Chen, A$AP Bari, and Virgil Abloh all made appearances. This capsule collection is the third collaboration between the two brands.

A$AP Bari, Virgil Abloh, and Edison Chen were on hand for the event and signed exclusive garms. Local European fashionistas and the A$AP crew were in full force. These t-shirts are a must-have for a summer wardrobe. They are both affordable and stylish. You can find the perfect shirt for yourself or a loved one.


VLONE is one of the most iconic streetwear labels in the world, and their collaboration with Off-White C/O Virgil Abloh has brought them cult status. The “Every Living Creative Dies” hoodie from the collaboration is a perfect example of why. The orange hoodie is printed with the slogan “Every Living Creative Dies.” The off-white tag on the backside of the neck of the VLONE hoodie is also a cynical reference to the brand.

OFF-WHITE X VLone hoodies are made of soft cotton and polyester and have a high degree of comfort and durability. The clothes are beautifully painted and feature detailed tailoring. Off-White founder Virgil Abloh has been making appearances alongside A$AP Mob members Edison Chen and Chris Van Heusen. His collabs with Colette, The Row, and The Weeknd were also well received.


Off-white recently teamed up with rapper ASAP Rocky Vlone to create a capsule collection that is reminiscent of the rap artist’s signature orange and black color scheme. The resulting line features a black suit, sweatshirt, and long-sleeved pullover. The line’s T-shirts and track pants also feature the brand’s trademark color scheme. If you want to know more about the new line, keep reading.

The newest Vlone collection was released during Paris Fashion Week’s Spring/Summer 2018 season, and it included everything from denim pieces to outerwear. The rappers ASAP Rocky, Edison Chen, and Playboy Carti all attended the collection’s debut in Paris. The rap world was abuzz with this brand’s debut, and soon, many other labels took note. With its continued success, the brand’s product line was expanding by leaps and bounds.

OFF-WHITE X VLONE track paint

Off-white has collaborated with Vlone to create a special track paint collection. This collaboration is limited to 24 hours and includes a T-shirt, Sweatshirt, Long Sleeves, and sweatpants. In addition to the print collection, the two brands are also working on a capsule collection featuring orange and black clothing, as well as VLONE logos. Both companies are currently available at their pop-up stores in Los Angeles, and shipping is free.

The OFF-WHITE X VLone track paint is made from polyester and cotton, and it is incredibly durable. The bright, bold designs are perfect for the latest hip-hop trends, and the “V” style lettering highlights its qualities. The track paint is available in different colors and looks great with all kinds of clothes, but this exclusive collection is designed to be more wearable than expected.