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Jayda Wayda – American Model and Social Media Star

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If you want to know about Jayda Wayda, you are in the right place. This YouTuber, Christian, and model was born in 1997. She has a huge YouTube following with over 342k subscribers and 9.8 million views. If you like videos about life in the Philippines, you can check out her channel. In addition to her YouTube channel, she has a large Twitter and Instagram following, totaling over 6 million followers. Jayda Wayda’s social media following is impressive and she is classified as an entrepreneur.

Jayda Wayda was born in 1997

Jayda Wayda was born in the US on September 25, 1997. She was raised in Savannah, Georgia, where she attended Windsor Forest High School. Her father is an unknown person. She also has two siblings: a brother named Len and a sister named Ameerah. She is an active YouTuber and social media personality who makes videos about beauty tips and products. She is a YouTube sensation and has over 6.3 million followers.

The Instagram sensation Jayda Wayda was born on September 25, 1997. She is a popular social media user with over 96K followers on Instagram. Who is Jayda Wayda? Wiki, Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Net worth, Parents, Ethnicity, Height & MoreShe frequently shares her daily life on her channel. Born in the US, Wayda has not revealed her father’s identity. Her mother is named Tricia Chaves. She has two siblings, Len Wayda and Ameerah. Her brother is a social media influencer, and her sister is a beauty expert.

She is a Christian

As an older sister of Len Cheaves and Ameerah Chaves, Jayda Wayda has a Christian background. She is from a mixed race and practices Christianity. She dated rapper Lil Baby aka Dominique Jones, whom she separated from in 2018. They were then reconnected when she revealed that she was pregnant. In February 2019, the two announced their engagement and marriage. The two have one son, Jason.

Jayda Wayda is a social media influencer with a following of over 2 million on Instagram. Her book The Young Boss Blueprint gives tips on how to be successful and is available as a paperback and digital edition. She has a strong presence on YouTube, with a self-titled channel. It is growing in popularity, with over 300k subscribers as of 2022.

She is a model

American model Jayda Wayda was born on 25 September 1997. She is 24 years old and stands at five feet and one inch. She is of mixed ethnicity and holds American citizenship. Her physical measurements are 34-28-40 inches and she is a bit short, but she seems tall in photos. Despite her young age, Wayda has a lot of interesting facts. She attended a prestigious school before landing a modeling job.

In 2021, Jayda Wayda walked the Matte Swim Collection Week. Her bold looks and communication skills won the judges over. She has also been making a name for herself on social media sites, which she uses to market her wares. Jayda Wayda started her YouTube channel on August 5, 2018, and has a whopping 326k subscribers. As of August 2021, her most popular video, a vlog dedicated to her father, has garnered over 1.1 million views.

She is a YouTuber

Born on September 25, 1997, Jayda Wayda are an American model, YouTuber, and social media star. She is also the girlfriend of the famous American rapper Lil Baby. Jayda regularly posts videos on her YouTube channel about her everyday life. In addition to fashion, she also uploads videos on makeup and hair care. As of early 2019, she is 24 years old. She is an avid fan of the Kardashians and shares her daily life with her audience through videos.

In 2013, her net worth was around $2 million. Over the years, her net worth has grown substantially. It is unclear whether Wayda is currently single or in a relationship. Her YouTube channel and other social media accounts have accumulated substantial amounts of money for Wayda. Her net worth is estimated to be USD 5 million. Jayda Wayda is a YouTuber who makes millions of dollars.

She is a social media star

Jayda Wayda is a popular social media star who was born on September 25, 1997, in Savannah, Georgia. Her mother is Tricia Chaves.Who is Jayda Wayda? Wiki, Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Net worth, Parents, Ethnicity, Height & More Her siblings include Len Wayda, a social media influencer, and Ameerah Wayda, a beauty expert. She has a YouTube channel where she posts travel and beauty tips. The first video Jayda posted on her channel was about her experience at the Savannah Zoo.

Jayda Wayda’s social media success has boosted her personal life. In addition to being a social media star, she’s also involved in a romantic relationship with rapper Lil Baby. The couple is currently separated, but they dated for several years. They have a son, named Loyal Armani. Jayda is single at the moment, but she is still active on Twitter.

She is a businesswoman

Jayda Wayda is a twenty-year-old social media star and businesswoman who has gained online fame and influence as a young entrepreneur. Born in 1997, Wayda is of African-American heritage. She has two younger siblings, Len and Ameerah, both of whom are social media influencers. Her parents are not publicly available. Her younger brother is a social media influencer and her sister is a beauty expert.

While pursuing her career as an influencer in social media, Jayda Wayda decided to venture into entrepreneurship and created her brand. Currently, Wayda has over six million Instagram followers and charges up to $5,000 for a single promotion. Her business acumen and tenacity have propelled her into the world of business, and she’s only 24 years old. The social media star has also made a name for herself in the fashion and beauty industry.