Lumber Tarps

What You Need to Know About Lumber Tarps

Common Questions

There are many uses for lumber tarps. If you have a big job coming up, it’s a good idea to cover the entire job site with a tarp. Not only do these tarps protect your materials from the elements, but they can also make the process of moving and storing them more efficient. To learn more about these tarps, read the following articles. They will help you choose the best type for your project.

Heavy-duty tarps

One of the first things to know about lumber tarps is their size. They can be as large as 24’x28′ or smaller. Two lumber tarps are typically needed for a 48′ or 53′ flatbed trailer. Tarps that are 18 or 14 oz PVC coated polyester are waterproof and made for lumber or steel hauling. These tarps are designed with no flap at the end.

Heavy-duty lumber tarps have reinforced hems and zinc-plated steel D-rings spaced every 24 inches. Some tarps also feature three additional rows of D-rings at 30 inches, 60 inches, and 90 inches from the edge. The top and rear flaps are made of 18-ounce PVC-coated BLUE fabric. The side drops are made of 10 oz material and are cold-crack-rated to -40deg C/F.

Coil tarps

Steel and vinyl coil tarps are available in different sizes to protect your lumber. Most tarps are 4′ x 7′ and come with stainless steel triangle rings or webbing on one side. Choose the size that best matches the weight of your lumber. Then, tie the tarp down from all sides. If you need a custom size, you can request it from the manufacturer and have it delivered to your Jobsite the same day. Coil tarps are also made in the USA and shipped free via UPS.

Steel coil tarps are specifically designed for protecting steel coils. They are manufactured of 18 oz vinyl and feature slits along the corner and midpoint. Steel coils need to be protected from the elements because it is an iron alloy, and inclement weather can damage it. Coil tarps are a great option for this job. They are available in several sizes and are easy to use.

Machinery tarps

Machinery is covered with machinery tarps. They are made of 100% Cordura(c) Nylon and feature reinforced webbing and D-rings around the sides and hem. These tarps are available in lightweight and heavy-duty varieties and can be used to cover flatbed loads. The lightweight versions are made from 14 oz. PVC-Coated polyester material, while heavy-duty tarps are 18 oz. Vinyl.

Tarps are important to protect lumber and steel products from road gravel and other factors. These tarps are a great tool in the hands of skilled drivers. They ensure that valuable cargo is not damaged while on the road. This way, a tarp can last a long time. For more information, see our full guide to machinery tarps. Let us take a closer look! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Sod tarps

The same challenges as sod truckers are faced by flatbed truckers when hauling tree loads. To protect the tree load from the elements, truckers need tarps for their trucks. While steel and lumber tarps can trap heat and burn the trees, mesh tarps allow air circulation to prevent the trees from cooking. In addition, tree loads do not usually travel long distances, so they can spend less time under the tarp.

The materials used in tarps for lumber and mesh crates are strong, tear-resistant, and lightweight. These tarps are especially useful for agricultural products. Whether it’s seed corn, cotton, or other types of crops, tarps protect the load from dust, dirt, and soot. Besides protecting the cargo, smoke tarps protect truck drivers from harmful road debris and exhaust fumes. Dump trucks also benefit from dump truck tarps. Dump trucks also use grain crates and wagons.

Three-piece tarps

Three-piece lumber tarps are very popular, and they are a popular choice for moving oversized items. The tarps are available in a variety of sizes and colors. They come in an eight-foot drop, a six-foot drop, or a four-foot drop. These tarps are made from 18-oz vinyl-coated polyester. They are very lightweight, with only 75 pounds per eight-foot tarp.

The three-piece tarp is designed to distribute weight evenly. The lumber tarp set measures approximately 20’x54′ when assembled, and has a six-foot drop for easier handling. Unlike the two-piec style, 3-piece lumber tarps weigh 25 pounds less than their two-piece counterparts. It is important to choose the right size tarp for your project. Make sure you purchase a heavy-duty one made from 18-oz vinyl, as it will last longer.