What Does a Score of 88 on the Rice Purity Test Mean?

What Does a Score of 88 on the Rice Purity Test Mean?

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If you’ve just taken the Rice Purity Test and received a score of 88, you may be wondering what the score means. Generally, a score of 89 or higher is considered a fairly pure individual, and a score of 91 is viewed as immoral and unclean. However, there are a few exceptions. In some cases, a score of 91 may indicate that you are still an adolescent and should be avoided at all costs.


The Rice Purity Test is a survey of 100 questions to determine the degree of innocence in a worldly vice. A score of 100 represents the highest purity level and 0 represents the least.The Rice Purity Test Score Meaning Explained? Origin and What Is Means? - TheNostalgistFilm Questions on the test include activities, relationships, and attitudes that may be considered virtuous or immoral. Answers should be yes or no. If you score 88 on the Rice Purity Test, you are considered an exemplary man or woman.

A person’s Rice Purity Test score is displayed in percentages. A score of 88 or less indicates that a person has an average sexual experience, is fairly pure, or may be a child. A score above this range is considered immature, and may mean that someone has committed a crime or used hard drugs. However, the person’s score may indicate that he is a good candidate for marriage.

88 on the rice purity test

You may have heard about the Rice Purity Test. You’ve probably taken it, but do you know what it’s all about? If you get a score of 88 on this test, you’re considered 88 percent pure. However, if you scored 88 on the test, you probably haven’t done any of these things. So, what’s so bad about it? Well, you’ll find out about it in a moment.

The Rice Purity Test was originally published in 1924 in a student newspaper of Rice University. It was meant to measure the purity of a person’s sexuality and their relationship with others. Female students were asked to complete the survey and average scores were 62. But that didn’t stop people from sharing their results on social media. That’s the real problem with this test. People with lower scores are considered dirty, while those with high scores are angelic.

89 on the rice purity test

If you’re like a majority of the population, you probably want to score an 89 on the Rice Purity Test. This means that you’re about 88 percent pure. Fortunately, there are simple actions you can take to improve your score. Listed below are three tips that will help you improve your score. These simple tips will help you increase your score and improve your overall satisfaction with your food. If you’d like to improve your Rice Purity Test score, you should read on to find out how.

For a good score on the Rice Purity Test, you’ll need to be over 18. You should score 89 or higher if you’re over 18. A score of this high means you’re pretty pure. You probably haven’t been french kissed, slept with a stranger, or had any kind of sexual experience. However, if you’ve never taken the test, you’re probably pretty pure.

91 on the rice purity test

The Rice Purity Test is a survey designed by the Rice University to assess the maturity level of new hires. It consists of 100 questions about people’s habits, relationships, college, and more. The questions are related to alcohol, drugs, and other things you might have a tendency to do or say. In short, it will give you a snapshot of your personality. To improve your score, do the following.

Scores of 91 or higher are indicative of a purer personality. In addition to determining whether or not an individual is pure, it can also reveal other traits about their character. If they have a high score, they may have been in prison, used drugs, or performed a public sex act for money. If they have a low score, they are likely to be a risk for committing a crime.