Top 10 French Foods

Top 10 French Foods

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If you love the taste of French food, there are several must-try dishes that are sure to impress your taste buds. Some of the most famous dishes include foie gras, scallops, frogs’ legs, and a selection of local and regional specialties. Cheese and charcuterie are two other essential parts of a French meal.

Soupe de poissons

Soupe de poissons, or fish soup, is a traditional seafood dish from the riviera.Top 10 French food you have to try | British Corner Shop Blog It’s a simple, cheap meal that originated in Marseille, France. Marseille fishermen used leftover fish to create this delicious soup, which has since spread throughout the rest of France. Traditionally made with white fish, this rich soup is seasoned with herbs and aromatics. It’s also often served with a side of rouille, a saffron-based mayonnaise.

Confit de canard

One of the classic French dishes is confit de canard, a special preparation of duck that is marinated in salt and spices, and then slowly cooked in its own fat for hours at a time. The result is a delectable, healthy alternative to frying. It is traditionally served with confit roasted potatoes.


Coq-au-vin is a French stew made from chicken that is cooked in wine. It is a very popular dish, particularly on Sundays. It is also very inexpensive and easy to prepare.

Crepe Suzette

If you love sweet things, you’ll love Crepe Suzette. It is a thin crepe served with a sweet sauce made of orange juice, sugar, and orange liqueur. The dish is often served flambéed and is considered one of the best French desserts. It is hard to find in France, but it can be made at home using a recipe found online.

Veal stew

Veal stew is one of the most popular French foods. This dish is cooked to tender perfection, and can be served with vegetables and a starchy starch. You can make veal stew ahead of time and reheat it to serve later. It is often served with mashed potatoes, rice, bread, or short pasta, but you can also serve it plain.


One of the most delicious French delicacies is sole. It is served in several ways. For a classic, try it with a charcuterie platter of pig’s muzzle, tail, and breaded foot. Then try it with bearnaise sauce. Another option is sole meuniere. This dish is often accompanied by oysters and other shellfish.

Moules mariniere

Moules mariniere are a delicious dish that can be cooked in less than 10 minutes. They are best served with crusty bread and frites, and wine. To make the dish extra festive, some people add a quarter cup of heavy cream to the sauce.

Onion soup

Onion soup is a staple French dish that is often served with bread. It is delicious and simple to make. The key is choosing good onions that have been caramelized to perfection. In addition, it is important to use beef stock and a good wine. Optional additions such as bread and cheese add a special touch to this classic dish. Other items you may need for this delicious soup include a chef’s knife for slicing onions, a baking sheet or parchment paper, and oven-proof soup bowls.