Stacy Wilson motive

The Stacy Wilson Bus Crime

Common Questions

The Stacy Wilson bus crime is a tragic case that has left a lot of people asking: What happened? Who was Stacy Wilson’s killer? And what was the motive behind the attack? In this article, we will explore Stacy Wilson’s murder case, her assailant, and the motive behind the homicide. It is crucial to understand Stacy Wilson’s case, and why the police are investigating the case.

Who Is Shorn Samuel?

A man named Shorn Samuel was convicted in the Stacy Wilson bus crime. Shorn was a distant cousin of Stacy Wilson, and he had visited her on several occasions. However, he soon became unwelcome, so Wilson allowed him to keep visiting. However, this did not stop him from confronting Stacy at work. While Stacy was at work, she dismissed Shorn’s advances. Later, she encountered Shorn as she was leaving work. However, she ignored Shorn’s approach and he waited for her to leave work before attacking her again. Then, he approached her again, this time on the bus, and this time, Stacy refused to answer Shorn’s questions.

After a while, Samuel began to walk closely behind Wilson, trying to communicate with her. He then got up from his seat and marched over to the front door of the bus. He was carrying a cutlass with a price tag still on it. Upon further questioning, he bailed and ran off, presumably in the direction of the bus driver. When Wilson called 911, the suspect fled the scene with the cutlass and the suspect’s car.

Who Is Stacy Wilson?

The brutal Stacy Wilson bus crime scene photos are shocking. The body parts, left at the bus terminal, show the brutality of the crime. Stacy Wilson was a young 21-year-old from Vermont. She was an outcast because she was Muslim, and she had been arrested on suspicion of drug possession. But the police found other evidence to support their investigation. The photos show significant events in Stacy’s life and the killer’s motivation.

The man who committed this heinous bus crime was sentenced to life in prison. The defendant, in this case, Samuel, had a long history of severe psychosis. His victim was an innocent woman who was killed while riding the bus. Samuel was also a serial liar who was mentally unstable, so it is not surprising that he received a life sentence. He had previously committed several crimes, and it was not his first time committing a crime.

Stacy Wilson assailant

On a bus in Kingstown, Saint Vincent, a twenty-one-year-old woman was attacked with a machete by a man known only as Shorn Samuel. The attacker was caught on camera by onlookers and reportedly cut off Wilson’s right hand and beheaded her. Witnesses snapped photos of the horrific crime and were able to identify Samuel by his numerous aliases. Samuel had a history of murder and was known to the victim’s family.

The assailant, Samuel, approached Wilson around 3:45 pm while she was sitting in a wheelchair in the back of her seat. He tried to talk to Wilson and moved close to her, but Wilson ignored him and sat behind the transport driver. Samuel then stabbed her in the back of the neck and then tried to run away. Wilson was not hurt and her assailant escaped the scene by jumping out the window.


The woman who hailed a bus and killed the driver was never identified. However, witnesses said she was yelling abusive language on the bus and grabbing passengers. Fournier told Bishop to be nice to passengers, and the woman grabbed her by the throat and shot the driver twice in the head. The suspect then fled the scene, and no one saw her escape. Police have yet to arrest the killer.

Stacy Wilson motive

The Stacy Wilson bus crime occurred in the Leeward Bus Terminal in New York on Monday. It was one of the most horrific acts of violence ever committed. It was captured on motion pictures and in Al Qaeda implementation videos. The perpetrator of the crime, Shorn Samuel, also known as “Abdul Rahim,” killed three people on the bus. Those killed included Stacy Wilson, who was a resident of Vermont.

As he slashed Stacy Wilson, Samuel continued to argue with the bus conductor. When the conductor told Samuel to get off the bus, he was not at all happy about this. He left the conductor’s door and returned a few moments later, brandishing an alarming cutlass. It was only then that Stacy Wilson was killed. The motive for this murder remains unclear.