Teaching a Preschool Family Theme

Teaching a Preschool Family Theme

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Have you ever wanted to teach a preschool family theme? Here are some fun ideas! This article will give you ideas for activities, book reviews, printables, and other ideas to involve families in the classroom. If you have a preschool family theme, you can even involve the parents! You can make a milk carton house, or draw the family members on tongue depressors. Afterward, you can form a town by assembling the houses of different family members.


If you’re looking for ideas for your child’s next preschool party, consider incorporating a family theme into your next party. During this theme, preschoolers can interact with their families and other children while learning about different jobs. For Show and Tell Day, have parents bring in their baby to show the class what they do. Grandparents can also bring their grandchildren and share what they like to do with them. If you’re not sure where to begin, try looking for some family-themed craft activities on Pinterest.

A traditional activity for a family theme is to create a collage of family pictures. You can use pictures from home or magazines to inspire the children’s work. Afterward, have them write a description of the drawing they created. Children can also add family-related items to the block area, such as little people or dollhouses. A circle time can help build social skills and reinforce the theme. Make a book with pictures of family members and different family activities.

Book review

One of the best books to introduce to toddlers is Love Makes a Family by Sophie Beer. This sweet board book is appropriate for any preschool class, with simple sentences on every page. There are different family types, from single parents to same-sex families, and the book presents them as the norm. This family book doesn’t focus on the differences between different families but rather emphasizes how all families share the same love and values.

Throughout the story, the boy and his mother pack up their things. A flashlight, a mitt, wooden animals, and books are included. The mother comes up with ideas for the trip, and she tells the young boy what to bring. The bilingual side of the book reveals the important role moms play in the lives of young children. A child’s creativity is unlocked through the use of imagination. This book has an appealing message for both bilingual and English-speaking families.


There are many great printables for preschool family themes. For example, you can make family books and use the original paper as the cover. Or, you can have the children cut out pictures from magazines and old books. Then, they can write stories about the pictures they chose. These books make excellent classroom books for Circle Time. Other fun family-related printables include a picture frame or banner. You can also have the children label the pictures in the collage. These go home with the children once the theme is over.

Another fun preschool activity is to use magazine cutouts for your preschool family theme. Place the cutouts on a table so the children can sort them. You can also create family puzzles, like the one Kaleena shared. Kids love to act out the story of Farmer in the Dell! And if you want to make your preschool family theme activities more hands-on, consider using a playdough cookie cutter.

Ideas for involving families in the classroom

Getting parents involved in your classroom is a fun way to engage the whole family. Invite family members to share their favorite foods, participate in the show and tell for the day, or contribute materials to classroom activities. They will love the opportunity to meet other adults and feel like they have contributed to the classroom. You can also ask parents to bring comfort items from home or participate in classroom clean-up projects. Then, invite them to share their own ideas about how to involve their family in the preschool classroom.

Ask parents about their children’s interests and talents. Ask them what professions or activities they enjoy. If parents do not have much spare time, ask them to volunteer in the classroom. This will give you a better understanding of what parents are interested in. For example, a parent may be interested in cooking, but a parent may be interested in baking 40 cupcakes. A private Facebook group can also be a great way to communicate with families.