Surf Anonymous Free – How to Install, Uninstall, and More

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If you’re looking for an anonymous surfing solution, Surf Anonymous Free is a good choice. This web anonymizer is available for a variety of platforms including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Maxthon, MyIE, Opera, and many more. Here are the main benefits of this program. Read on to discover how to install, uninstall, and more. Once you’ve downloaded Surf Anonymous Free, you can use it on your computer with confidence.

Installation of Surf Anonymous

Installation of Surf Anonymous Free is simple and free. To install this browser extension, you just need to visit Files10 and download the program. Most antivirus applications will automatically scan any downloaded program for viruses. After the scan is completed, click “Yes, continue” to install the application. This program will clean the Windows operating system, and you can use it for free. Read the following guide to install Surf Anonymous Free on Windows. After installing the extension, make sure to check its license.

Once you have downloaded the program, follow the on-screen instructions. Once you have completed the installation process, you’ll be able to browse the web anonymously. Upon installing the program, you will have an IP address of an anonymous country that is regularly changing. This keeps your identity safe from threats. You’ll also appreciate the easy user interface of the application. A few flags will show the location of the proxy, and a list of two IP addresses will be displayed on the web browser. You’ll never know which IP address is real or fake.

Uninstallion of Surf Anonymous

If you have installed the Surf Anonymous Free application on your computer, then you may be wondering how to remove it. To do this, you can follow these simple steps:

Missions of Surf Anonymous

One of the greatest benefits of using the anonymous proxy servers is that they protect your real IP address and identity. It disguises your computer’s IP address and thus, you can surf anonymously and access websites that are not accessible to ordinary people. The services also allow you to send anonymous emails and unblock websites that you would otherwise be blocked from accessing. Missions of Surf Anonymous Free include:

Surf Anonymous Supports U.S.-only IP addresses

You might be wondering whether or not your router supports U.S.-only IP addresses. Yes, you can whitelist IP addresses, but the performance will still be affected. You should always check with your router’s support center for updated information. This feature is not available on all routers, but many of them support U.S.-only IP addresses. Here’s why. Read on to learn how to whitelist IP addresses.