Piggyback Forklift and Truck for Sale

Piggyback Forklift and Truck for Sale

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If you’re a new owner of a commercial truck, you may have been considering a piggyback forklift and truck for your fleet. You might not have a need for a forklift, but your truck owner will probably insist on help loading and unloading goods. Having a piggyback forklift for sale can solve this issue. While renting a piggyback forklift may be an option, it can be more expensive. By purchasing a piggyback forklift and truck for sale, you can be confident in its usefulness, and have a truck to match.

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A Piggyback forklift and truck for rent are good options for companies who need to move large amounts of goods from one place to another. You can purchase a forklift for your company or rent one to do the job for you. There are many advantages to owning one of these items. You can use it for loading and unloading goods, reducing labor costs. Piggyback forklifts are a versatile addition to a fleet of trucks.

A Piggyback forklift and truck for rent have many benefits. First, they are lightweight, making them easy to move. They can also handle small areas easily, unlike large forklifts that can cause problems in tight spaces. Secondly, a truck-mounted forklift can be mounted and dismounted easily. That way, you can move it anywhere you want. You won’t have to worry about parking it, either.


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A Navigator piggyback forklift and a truck for sale go together to make moving loads easy and convenient. These two machines have lift capacities of four to six thousand pounds. Their frame design allows them to rest a load directly on their own frame during operation, decreasing the chances of shifting during transport. In addition to the trucks, Navigator also offers a variety of options for their lift trucks.

This compact truck features a powerful 4,000-pound lift capacity. It has impressive maneuverability and rugged all-terrain tires for rugged work. Additionally, an optional self-sealing agricultural bar tread tire provides increased traction. In confined areas, this machine is a perfect choice. In addition to its powerful lifting capacity, it is easy to maneuver, and it’s compact size makes it easy to transport.

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The Princeton PiggyBack(r) forklift and truck for sale are designed with productivity and safety in mind. These versatile machines can mount to virtually any truck or trailer. G&W Equipment, a local dealer of Princeton forklifts, offers a wide selection of trucks and truck-mounted forklifts. The company offers parts for many forklift brands, including forklifts from other manufacturers.

The Princeton PB55+ 4-Way features the same lift capacity as the PB55+ but has four-directional steering and an optional side-directional mode. Side-directional mode allows the truck to drive sideways while transporting loads. It is perfect for extra-long loads in congested areas. The PB70+ is the only 7,000-lb model in the lineup and has 56 horsepower diesel engine. The truck also features a center seating arrangement and 31-inch pneumatic tires.

If you’re looking for a used truck and forklift, Bobby Park is a great place to buy quality trucks and forklifts. If you’re on a budget, consider purchasing a used truck and forklift to help you complete your next outdoor project. There are many models to choose from and buying a used truck and forklift is a great way to save money.


If you’re looking to buy a used Moffett piggyback forklift, you’ve come to the right place. You’ve come across the best prices online, but aren’t sure which model you need? Here are some things to consider when buying a used Moffett piggyback forklift and truck. This type of truck-mounted forklift is durable, reliable, and affordable.

This compact forklift fits on the back of a truck or trailer and is easy to mount and demount. Because it’s so small, it doesn’t take up much load space, so you can haul more goods and earn more profits. You can choose from two different models, including the compact M4 model. Each one offers tremendous power and can safely deliver loads. Moffett also offers a four-way model for added versatility.