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Jenni Rivera – Daughter of Trino Marin and Ana Paula Leyva

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trino marinJenni Rivera is the daughter of American television personality Trino Marin and Colombian model Ana Paula Leyva. The couple married when Trino was just 20 years old and had a daughter Chiquis together in 2003. At the time, Trino had just begun his professional career, but by then, his first child was already born. While this may sound unusual for an actor, it is actually quite common for an actor to have his first child by the age of 25.

Jenni Rivera

Jenni and Trino met in high school and were married when Jenni was 15. She became pregnant during her secondary education and gave birth to her first child, Chiquis Rivera, in 1985. The couple had three children together and split up in 1992. Jenni filed for legal separation after he became abusive. Jenni’s children have been successful in their fields and are doing well in their own right.

Jenni Rivera, Trino’s wife, was born July 2, 1969. She was raised in Long Beach, California, by her parents Pedro Rivera and Rosa Saavedra. They met in high school and married in 1984. She has three children with Trino, including twins Chiquis and Ayla. They are not actively involved on social media and are not very active on the internet. They both enjoy music and traveling.

In the 1990s, Jenni Rivera and Trino Marin were engaged in an affair. Then, Jenni’s younger sister uncovered the abuse that Trino had committed against her. The couple later separated, but the relationship continued. Jenni’s younger sister admitted to the abuse in 1997. Jose and Jenni have not spoken since then. The two separated in 1992. Jenni reportedly filed for divorce from her husband.

Their divorce was finalized in 1992, with Jenni receiving custody of their three children. Their divorce was fueled by physical and emotional abuse. Trino Marin molested Rosie, Chiquis, and Jacquie, Jenni’s three children. The alleged abuse continued for 9 years after the couple’s divorce. She has never been able to stop being victimized, and she continues to fight for justice for her children.

Before their divorce, Jenni and Trino Marin had two children together. They were married in 1984. Although their relationship was good, their marriage was disputed. In 1992, Jenni filed for divorce from Trino Marin, citing physical and emotional abuse. Their sons, Chiquis and Jacqi, were born shortly after the marriage. The divorce was finalized due to Trino Marin’s abuse of his wife, Jenni.

Aside from the alleged abuse of Rosie, Trino Marin also molested Jenni’s sisters, Jacquie and Chiquis. After their court summons, Trino fled and changed his identity. He was finally arrested in 2006 and convicted of sexual abuse and sentenced to 31 years in prison. The case has been a hot topic for several years. But what can we do to help Jenni Rivera and Trino Marin? It is not too late to start a fight for justice!

In 1997, Jenni married Juan Lopez. They had two children, Jenicka and Juan Angel. They later divorced. Juan Lopez was convicted of selling drugs and died in prison from pneumonia. Jenni Rivera, Trino Marin, and Juan Lopez were buried at the All Souls Cemetery in Long Beach, California. Several of her children survived the tragic plane crash. In 2009, Jenni Rivera was the spokesperson of domestic violence in the United States.

The couple’s net worth was estimated at $25 million as of 2012. During their marriage, Jenni’s main source of income was her music career, which resulted in 15 platinum, 15 gold, and five double-platinum albums. Jenni has also performed on major stages throughout Latin America. When the two started dating, Marin held odd jobs to make ends meet. He was a restaurant manager and remained in the same line of work for the rest of his life.

After the divorce, Jenni Rivera continued her studies and continued to work. Her ex-husband, Trino Marin, is serving a 31-year prison sentence for sexual assault. The two have a child named Chiquis. The couple has three children together, Chiquis, Jacqie, and Michael Marin. The relationship was rocky, and there are rumors of abuse involving both of them. Despite their divorce, Jenni Rivera and Trino Marin remain close.

Trino Marin is an ex-husband of a famous American actress and singer, Jenni Rivera. They met at high school and married in 1984. Their marriage lasted for 11 years, and they had three children together. Jenni Rivera filed for divorce in 1992 citing abuse and rape. However, their marriage ended a decade later. In 2007, Marin was sentenced to 31 years in prison for a number of felony charges, including rape.