Interactive Facebook Post Ideas

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Video content is one of the most engaging formats to share on Facebook. Not only can videos provide great interactive Facebook post ideas, but Facebook encourages video content with its dedicated ‘Watch’ section. If you’re considering using video content for your Facebook marketing strategy, then be sure to create an intro and outro to accompany the content. Video content should include both a short introduction and an interesting end. Below are some tips to help you create video content for your Facebook page.

Infographics, Facebook Post Ideas

One of the best ways to use an infographic to increase your audience engagement is to share a piece of it on Facebook. Your post should only share part of it because Facebook users will only see a portion of it. Make sure to use compelling portions of it to convince people to click through to see the full content. Another tried-and-true interactive Facebook post idea is to share blog posts. These content-rich posts will keep your audience engaged by allowing them to see what you’re talking about.

If you want to highlight specific data, try using an infographic. It allows viewers to interact with it, click on certain sections, and tweak the input of data. For example, an infographic on the evolution of the web gives users the opportunity to dig into the history of the internet. Each browser is tracked in different colors, and each browser features markers for different historic events. This allows viewers to learn more about an important issue.


If you want to generate excitement and positive results, using Contests on Facebook is the way to go. It can be as simple as a video contest or a photo contest. Use Canva or another free visual marketing tool to create compelling contest post images and captions. Include your contest details in both the post image and caption. Your post should be short and to the point but still, contain enough information to entice people to enter your contest.

Create a mini-game contest on Facebook and ask your fans to post pictures, sentences, or designs that show your brand. This is best suited for fashion or clothing brands. Simply post the contest details and request participation. Your fans will surely be eager to take part in the contest and share their pictures with their friends. Remember to include clear terms and conditions in the contest. Make sure to include a link to your Facebook page so that participants can follow the contest details and enter the contest.

Guessing games

If you’re looking for some creative ideas for your next post on Facebook, consider using guessing games. These games encourage users to interact with your page and can be as simple as pictures or live guessing games. To keep your followers engaged, be sure to make the guessing games relevant to your page’s content. Listed below are some examples of how you can use guessing games to keep your community engaged and informed.

Videos,Facebook Post Ideas

If you’re looking for interactive Facebook post ideas, you may want to use videos. Video content is one of the most engaging forms of content available and is increasingly popular on social networking site. Unlike other types of content, video is also highly recommended by Facebook, with a dedicated ‘Watch’ section. Make sure your videos are integrated into your Facebook marketing strategy and include a compelling intro and outro. Video can be a great way to engage with fans and spread the word about your business.

The best ways to create interactive Facebook videos are to incorporate click-throughs to landing pages, quizzes, and play certain sections based on the choices of viewers. YouTube allows you to create simple video interaction cards that direct viewers to subscribe to your channel or to view relevant videos or playlists. These interactive video post ideas can be highly effective, as they can help you increase engagement – which is a vital element of successful social media marketing.


If you’re looking for an engaging way to promote your business on Facebook, one of the best ideas is to share a quote. A quote can have many uses, from driving traffic to your website and generating good engagement. Quotes are also great for tying in with your branding and tagline. They can also be contextualized by allowing comments from the public to further relate to the topic. If you’re writing for a B2B audience, you can try a famous businessman as a topic. It’s best if they are in your field.

You can also use quotes for Facebook to gain information and create engagement. Make sure to choose a quote that is open-ended. Quotes can be inspiring, funny, touching, or challenging. People tend to read these quotes and think about what they mean. They’re also a great way to boost your post’s click-through rate and increase engagement. Quotes can be an excellent way to make your Facebook post interesting.