How to Braid Hair?

How to Braid Hair?

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Whether you have hair that is dirty or clean, there are many ways to braid it. The first type of braid, known as the French braid, incorporates strands of hair into a three-strand braid. While working on your braid, avoid looking in the mirror and focus on the braid you are creating.

How to braid hair with clean or dirty hair

Regardless of whether you’re braiding your hair for a special occasion or just to look your best, How To Braid Your Own Hair - Basic Braid, French Braid & Dutch Braid - Hand-placement & Follow Along - YouTube you must start with clean hair. Using a clarifying shampoo will help you get rid of any gunk or debris that might be embedded in your hair. Starting with clean hair also makes the braid last longer and reduces the number of times you need to wash it. Clean hair also feels great.

The first step to creating a braid is to separate your hair into several sections. This will prevent snags and breakage while you manipulate the hair. Also, this will make the braid look neater.

How to braid hair with 2-3 inches of hair

If you have only a few inches of hair, you can begin braiding by picking up a section from the left side of the head. Grab a small section of the hair, then slide your thumb along the scalp and gather the same amount of hair as the right strand. With your left hand, grab a new section of hair, then cross it over the right strand. Repeat this process until the entire strand of hair is braided.

After this, separate your hair into three equal sections. The first section is the center part. The second section is the hairline. The third section is created by using a rat tail comb. Begin braiding your three-sectioned hair by picking up the closest piece of hair. Once the braid is formed, make sure to hold the braid in a firm grip.

French braid is the first braid that continuously incorporates strands of hair into a three-strand braid

The French braid is a hairstyle that continuously incorporates strands of hair from the crown of the head to the nape of the neck. The braid creates a beautiful, patterned look. The first step is to part the hair into three sections. You can then braid each section, adding strands of hair from the crown to the end of the hair.

To begin the French braid, divide the top section into three equal parts. Use your fingers to pull the strands together a bit. Start by passing the outer left section over the center. Do the same with the outer right strand. Repeat this process down the hair.

Avoid looking in the mirror when working on your braid

While working on your braid, it is best to avoid looking in the mirror. The reflection can confuse the style you’re trying to create. This tip is especially useful for beginners because the mirror can make your braid appear uneven and messy. Instead, look at some famous examples of plaits: Rita Ora’s waterfall plaits, Olivia Wilde’s up-do, and Katherine McNamara’s loose waterfall plaits.

Styles of braids

A variety of styles can be achieved with braiding hair. A simple spiral can be rolled up into a chic updo, and a modern twist on the braid is to make it crisscross and use multiple parts. Whether you have short hair or want to add length with extensions, braiding is an excellent option.

A classic braiding style, French braids require two strands. Start by parting your hair in the middle, and then twist the two strands in opposite directions. You can then tie the ends together. This braiding technique is often used to wrap a ponytail. This style is also suitable for braiding the back of the hair.

Another braiding style is a wrap-around braid. It’s perfect for black hair and is reminiscent of boho chic. This braid is not noticeable in the front and is loose in the back. You can add a few highlights and patterns to make your hair even more unique.