Avril Lavigne's 14 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

Avril Lavigne’s 14 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

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Avril Lavigne recently wore a stunning 14-carat diamond engagement ring. The ring, given to her by Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger, features a giant pear-shaped diamond that has side stones on either side of the center stone. It is sure to get her attention when she walks down the street. Read on to learn more about this gorgeous ring and what makes it so beautiful.

Platinum is the most expensive setting

Of the four metals used in the making of an engagement ring, platinum is the most expensive. Platinum is a grayish-white metal that can withstand wear and tear. It also enhances the whiteness of diamonds. However, platinum is also more expensive than gold, due to its higher density. Therefore, platinum rings tend to be heavier than gold, but they can be easily polished to keep them looking fresh.

Another metal used in platinum rings is Pt950/Ir, a medium-hard alloy that is a popular choice for setting diamonds. Pt950/Ir has a whiter color than gold and is soft, but still retains the brilliance of the stone. Platinum is a hypoallergenic metal and has a high purity rating of ninety-five percent, making it the best choice for sensitive skin.

Solitaire setting

A 14-carat diamond in a solitaire setting is a classic engagement ring style. Solitaire rings feature a six-prong mounting system and are made in 14K white, yellow, or rose gold. Solitaire settings have distinct prong configurations, making them a perfect choice for the center stone. In 14K white gold, the classic solitaire is available in a knife-edge style, which draws attention to the diamond at the center of the band.

The most popular setting style for an engagement ring is the solitaire. This style of setting shows off the center diamond alone and is the most classic and traditional choice for an engagement ring. The solitaire style is easy to match any wedding band. Another popular style is the halo setting, which features multiple diamonds on the sides. Halo and solitaire settings have similarities and differences. Halo and solitaire settings showcase the center stone alone, while pave settings have multiple smaller stones set around the center stone.

Color of diamonds

There are many factors that should be considered when selecting the color of diamonds in a 14-carat diamond engagement ring. One of the most important is the color of the diamonds themselves. Diamonds with faint colors (J, K, or SI) are more expensive than those with deep or vivid colors. The faint color can be masked by the gold setting. The yellow gold setting is also the most popular option among engagement ring buyers.

While diamonds in a 14-carat diamond engagement ring can be either colorless or slightly tinted, most shoppers are already aware of the differences between the two. While colorless diamonds are transparent, colored diamonds can range from yellow to black. However, diamonds of different color grades can be more difficult to distinguish when set in a yellow gold ring. Because of the metal color reflecting off the diamond, the distinction is more difficult to discern.


If you’re planning on proposing to your partner a 14-carat diamond, you’ll have a few options to choose from. For instance, the Now & Forever(r) bridal collection features solitaire engagement rings featuring a 1/4-carat round diamond. This ring’s price is just $440, and you can get the same ring in 18K gold for a similar price. If you’re looking for an even cheaper engagement ring, try looking for 14K gold. A 14K gold ring will cost you approximately twenty to thirty-five percent less than one made with 18K gold.

Yellow gold engagement rings are another option. They have a timeless appeal. Yellow gold is hypoallergenic, and they complement lower-color diamonds perfectly. You can view these engagement rings in full HD to see how they look. For a ring with a white gold setting, you can also choose a 14K yellow gold ring. The yellow gold setting will complement the white diamond. Yellow gold will also complement lower-grade diamonds better than white gold.