Wikicasa in Milano Porta Nuova

Wikicasa in Milano Porta Nuova

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In Italy, you can find wikicasa in several locations. For instance, you can find one in Genoa, another in Milan, and so on. There are even wikicasa pro and torino options. These are all great options, and you may find a location that is right for you in one of these cities.

Wikicasa genova

Wikicasa is a digital media company that has recently completed a three-million-euro investment round. The money will be used to accelerate the company’s growth. The investment will strengthen Wikicasa’s role as a system for professionals, expand digital services for its users, and improve the quality of information.

Wikicasa milano

The tempocasa of Milano Porta Nuova offers pre-owned apartments in a prime location close to the torre diamante, torre solaria, bosco, and biblioteca degli alberi. This charming property offers a charming first-floor apartment with a private garden and parco.

Wikicasa pro

Wikicasa is a company that makes software that improves the quality of real estate listings. Its technology uses automated algorithms and human operators to constantly check for errors and incomplete data. It also helps its users to find the best properties in their area. Wikicasa is an Italian startup and is hiring around 40 people in Milan.