Why Stoneygate and Evington are Among Leicester’s Most Desirable Neighborhoods


Nestled in the heart of Leicester, the charming neighborhoods of Stoneygate and Evington exude a certain appeal that is hard to resist. From their picturesque streets lined with quaint boutiques and cozy cafes to their stunning architecture and serene parks, it’s no wonder these areas are among the most sought-after places to live in Leicester. But what makes them so desirable? Join us as we explore the many reasons why Stoneygate and Evington are a must-see for anyone seeking an idyllic place to call home.

What are the benefits of living in Stoneygate or Evington?

Stoneygate and Evington are among Leicester’s most desirable neighborhoods.

One of the main benefits of living in these neighboring communities is their close proximity to downtown Leicester. This makes it easy to get to all of the city’s attractions, including the University of Leicester, which is located within walking distance. Additionally, both Stoneygate and Evington are situated on major bus routes, so getting around town is a breeze. Houses for sale in Stoneygate

Another important consideration when choosing a home in either neighborhood is crime rates. While both neighborhoods have their share of crime, they are relatively safe overall. In fact, both had lower crime rates than the city as a whole in 2016. Furthermore, both Stoneygate and Evington have strong community networks that offer plenty of opportunities for socializing and recreation.

Finally, one of the biggest reasons to live in either Stoneygate or Evington is the quality of life. Both neighborhoods boast beautiful landscaping and well-maintained streets. Plus, they are close to all of the amenities that residents desire: grocery stores, pharmacies, churches, schools, parks…the list goes on! If you are looking for a place to call home that offers everything you need and more – look no further than these two Leicester neighborhoods.

What is the history of these neighborhoods?

The neighborhoods of Stoneygate and Evington are among Leicester’s most desirable, as they boast a wealth of history and culture. The two neighborhoods are adjacent to each other, forming one contiguous area that has been in continuous use for over 1000 years.

Stoneygate is thought to have been the site of a royal palace in the Middle Ages. During the Tudor period, the area became home to some of England’s wealthiest families. It was also during this time that the neighborhood gained its name, which derives from the Old English word “stone gate,” or possibly “stony gate.” House for sale in Evington Leicester

Evington was originally part of Stoneygate but was separated around 1700 due to its elevated position on a hilltop. The area eventually developed as a residential district and became known for its Georgian houses and large gardens. Today, Evington is one of Leicester’s most popular neighborhoods for shopping and dining.

How much do these houses cost?

Leicester’s most desirable neighborhoods are Stoneygate and Evington. Stoneygate is located just northwest of the city center and consists of well-maintained Victorian homes. Evington is located in the south of the city and features large, newly constructed houses. Both neighborhoods have a very high standard of living and are among the safest in Leicester. These neighborhoods typically cost between £200,000 to £400,000 to purchase.

Which estate agents are selling houses in Stoneygate and Evington?

Leicester is home to some of the UK’s most desirable neighborhoods, and Stoneygate and Evington are two of them. These estates are situated close to both Leicester city center and the University of Leicester, making them perfect for students and families looking for a convenient location.

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What is the climate like in these neighborhoods?

The climate in these neighborhoods is very temperate and generally mild. The average high temperature in Leicester during the summer months is around 86 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average low temperature during the winter months is around 38 degrees Fahrenheit. In general, there is a moderate amount of precipitation throughout the year, with an average of 54 inches falling per year. Consequently, these neighborhoods are well-suited for those who are looking for a moderately warm climate with plenty of sunshine.

Is it safe to live in Stoneygate and Evington?

Leicester is a city known for its beautiful architecture and history, and Stoneygate and Evington are among the most desirable neighborhoods in the city. Both neighborhoods have a lot to offer residents, including excellent schools and access to plenty of amenities.

Stoneygate is located in the northern part of the city, just minutes away from Leicester City Centre. The neighborhood features stately homes, parks, and shopping areas. Evington is located in the heart of Leicester’s downtown district, just minutes away from the University of Leicester and several high-end retail shops. Residents here enjoy easy access to public transportation, as well as plenty of cultural events and activities.

Both neighborhoods are safe communities with low crime rates. Families who live in Stoneygate and Evington are likely to enjoy great weather year-round since both neighborhoods are located near the edge of the city. And with excellent schools available nearby, children will be able to thrive in these friendly neighborhoods.