Tips for Selecting Employee Recognition Software in 2023


Getting a sense of what can be done with software in this space is necessary before making a purchase decision. Satisfied customers are a great barometer of success. The firm providing the employee recognition software should be seen as a partner, taking an interest in the company’s success beyond the scope of simple sales. Additionally, your software provider should be actively engaged with you, and dedicated to increasing your recognition program’s visibility, participation, and success.

Below is a checklist that will provide a high-level overview of the factors to consider when choosing an employee appreciation program:

  1. Priority One: Safety

The secret sauce of your business is the information it keeps behind lock and key. Seeing whether a recognition platform has a security certification is an easy way to gauge how seriously the company takes security. Organizational dedication and financial investment in security and employee recognition software are shown by attaining ISO 27001 or an equivalent globally recognized certification. If you want your Information Security stakeholders to accept a new platform, make sure you choose a vendor that has the appropriate certifications.

  1. Backwards compatibility with current infrastructure

Can you give me an idea of how many software packages your company is using at once? It’s likely that you use more than one product for human resources alone; that doesn’t even begin to account for the specialized tools your employees need to execute their jobs. The HR department’s systems should be among the many that a recognition platform can and should interact with. Having your employees use a single login to access all of the company’s HR tools is a time and money saver.

  1. An integrated approach

Programs and departments that are dispersed over a large region may have established their own methods of employee recognition. When comparing employee appreciation programs, look for one that can integrate these many tools into a single, user-friendly interface.

  1. Instantaneous updates

The availability of recognition data should not be contingent on your having to make advance preparations. Instead, your employee recognition software should be readily accessible, providing you with useful insights and informing you in real-time of the number of recognitions issued and received as well as the status of your budget.

  1. Being mindful of one’s financial situation

Managers must have leeway in allocating these funds while maintaining confidence that they will not exceed the budgeted total.

  1. Enjoyable interactivity

In addition to being in line with your company’s goals, the employee recognition software you choose should be simple to use. It’s important to remember the value of having a good time, and this is best achieved via a combination of creativity, ease of use, and simplicity. Select a system that your staff will like using and look forward to experimenting with on a regular basis.

  1. New and Emerging Information

How does your organization compare to the norm when it comes to key performance indicators (KPIs) such as yearly expenditure, the total amount spent, and number of recognitions issued by the department? The provider you choose for employee recognition software should have this kind of comparative data readily available. Also, best practices change over time, so consulting a professional employee recognition specialist and partner is your best bet for staying abreast of the latest developments.

  1. Relates to core corporate principles

To what extent your corporate culture reflects the values of the organization is an indicator of its health. Awards given to employees should always reflect some underlying principle held by the business. The best employee recognition software streamlines the process and makes it visible to all employees.