The Princeton Or Moffett PiggyBack Forklift

The Princeton Or Moffett PiggyBack Forklift


If you’re looking for a new forklift, you may be considering a Princeton or Moffett piggyback forklift. These forklifts have all of the features of a standard model and are great for picking up pallets and other bulky materials. If you’re interested in finding a more affordable forklift, you may want to consider the Princeton piggyback forklift.

Princeton piggyback forklift

The Princeton PiggyBack forklift is a truck-mounted, trailer-mounted forklift that’s designed to increase productivity and safety. The PiggyBack forklift is easily mounted onto virtually any truck or trailer and offers the best in productivity and safety. Princeton PiggyBack forklifts are available from G&W Equipment, which offers a full line of diesel engine models. They are perfect for any job site.

A Princeton piggyback forklift is unique because its tires don’t touch the ground. Instead, they hang from the back of a truck or trailer. While originally built in Columbus, Ohio, Princeton forklifts are now produced in Ireland. The new models resemble Moffett’s mechanical design and are badge-engineered for Moffett’s blue paint. These forklifts were designed for industrial applications and can be used in many different settings, including warehouses, construction sites, and urban developments.

For small to mid-sized businesses, a Moffett truck-mounted forklift is a great choice for both transportation and productivity. Its small size and low center of gravity allow it to hang off the back of a truck or trailer with minimal space in the cargo area. Furthermore, this truck-mounted forklift can help drivers load and unload cargo without assistance from an employee, thus allowing for quicker turnaround.