Tech Times' Review of Sharekhan Platform

Tech Times’ Review of Sharekhan Platform

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While you might be tempted to join the most expensive online trading school, it’s not necessary. You can practice using a simulator like CliK before investing in the live markets. But even if you do that, practicing in a simulator is still a good idea. The results of OTA students’ trades are quite impressive: nearly two-thirds make some money, and 12.5% make good money. This may be because different students track their results differently. Eventually, as the CliK database grows, further research will probe the results of OTA students.

Clik platform

The CliK platform is an integrated trading system developed by Online Trading Academy. The product has been in development since 2016. It is based on a patent secured in 2014.Cambodia-based Fintech Startup Clik Raises US$3.7 Million Seed Funding From Global Partners and Investors — OpenWay Group official website The CliK platform is first-of-its-kind, revolutionary, and world-leading. OTA’s CliK platform recently won a People’s Choice Stevie Award for Best Fintech Solution. This platform was also nominated in a record-breaking 3,800 nominations for the 2021 American Business Awards.

OTA uses the CliK platform to educate its students on how to trade. The CliK platform features an intuitive strategy builder, a supply-demand grid, and an intelligent alert system. Students also get access to a multi-broker system for trading and investing. The platform emphasizes improving financial literacy and execution with a custom rules-based system. Online Trading Academy offers free investing classes for its members.

OTA’s research on market timing

The Online Trading Academy (OTA) compiles a massive research database each year that validates its market timing methods. One such research study cited by the Tech Times identified 16,493 trading zones over the last year, spanning short, intermediate, and long-term time frames. This data is then tracked as hypothetical trade opportunities and is embedded in the Academy’s click software. In the long run, it is possible to make money trading stocks based on this research.

The OTA’s research on market timing has found that nearly two-thirds of its students are already trading in live markets. However, you should practice in the CliK simulator until you are ready to take the plunge. The research is ongoing, and the OTA will continue to probe these results as its database grows. For now, it seems that the OTA’s research on market timing is valuable, but many questions remain.

OTA’s partnerships with Sharekhan

The Sharekhan platform offers a complete range of trading tools, including free daily reports, a stationary terminal, and two mobile applications. The platform also offers advanced market analysis and tools, including the ability to pre-order stocks. It offers clients access to real-time news, research, and over 30 technical indicators. Clients can also trade from their charts. A Sharekhan account also has several advanced features, including the ability to trade in odd lots.

In India, the Online Trading Academy partners with the leading online broking firms Sharekhan and ICICI Direct to offer students the chance to trade on live markets. Students can even opt to trade on these platforms for free until they have paid their tuition fees. Sharekhan also provides students with a virtual trading environment that allows them to practice the trades in a real-time trading environment. Students will have access to the trades of both BNP Paribas and Tech times online trading academy on a live market, thanks to the partnership with Sharekhan.

OTA’s classes

The online trading academy (OTA) was founded 25 years ago. Its founders realized that while technology had allowed ordinary people to access the financial markets, they were not well prepared to do so. They decided to provide their students with the tools they need to make money in the markets no matter what the conditions were. The result? A high-pressure sales machine. In a recent review of OTA’s classes, I found these instructors to be unprofessional and sleazy.

OTA’s classes teach responsible risk management, strategic portfolio management, and trading leveraged asset classes. They use OTA’s CliK technology, a revolutionary integrated education, and trading platform. Students gain a comprehensive view of digital assets, and they can even customize the methodology to suit their needs. The company also offers two online classes for beginners: a half-day tutorial on how to implement a rule-based trading system.

OTA’s award-winning education system

The award-winning education system from the Tech Times Online Trading Academy (OTA) is based on a unique research process. The OTA’s research team can use a variety of tools to teach its students how to make money, regardless of market conditions. It is also unique in that it offers a live chat room where students can share tips and strategies, as well as view, live trading sessions of professional traders.

Online Trading Academy’s award-winning education is the only program to integrate cutting-edge technology into the CliK platform. Its technology platform serves context-sensitive learning and emphasizes responsible risk management. CliK is the first trading platform to feature an exclusive Watchlist indicator. This indicator, called the G-Trap, embeds elements of the OTA’s Futures asset-class curriculum and allows students to analyze multiple futures symbols at once.