what is a pay-by-plate system?

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Are you tired of receiving parking tickets with no invoice number to pay them off? It’s a frustrating situation that many drivers in Massachusetts face. However, thanks to the innovative technology of the “Pay by Plate” system, paying for your parking is now easier than ever before. In this blog post, we will explore how this revolutionary system works and how it can benefit you as a driver. Additionally, we’ll show you how to find your pay-by-plate invoice number so that you can avoid any confusion or extra fees. So sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the world of Pay by Plate in MA!

What is a pay-by-plate system?

The Pay by Plate system is an innovative technology that has revolutionized the way drivers pay for parking in Massachusetts. Simply put, it’s a cashless payment option that eliminates the need for physical tickets and coins.

Instead of traditional methods, this system uses cameras to capture your license plate number as you enter a parking lot or garage. Your license plate number is then linked to your account, which enables you to pay through online platforms such as mobile apps and websites.

One of the most significant benefits of this system is that it eliminates the need for paper tickets, which are often lost or misplaced by drivers causing confusion and extra fees. Additionally, with no physical ticket involved, there’s less chance of fraudulent activity from fake tickets being issued.

How does it system work?

A pay-by-plate system is a cashless payment option for toll roads and bridges that eliminates the need for drivers to stop and pay with cash or tokens. Instead, cameras capture images of license plates as vehicles pass through designated lanes at toll plazas.

Once the license plate number is captured, it is linked to an account or credit card on file with the transportation authority. The system then generates an invoice based on the vehicle’s usage of the road or bridge, which is sent to the driver’s registered address.

Drivers have several options for paying their invoices, including online payments, phone payments, or mailing in a check. Some transportation authorities also offer pre-paid accounts where drivers can add funds ahead of time to cover their tolls.

Pay-by-plate systems help reduce traffic congestion and shorten travel times by eliminating lengthy queues at toll plazas. They also provide more convenience for drivers who no longer need to carry exact change or fumble with tokens while driving.


The pay-by-plate system is a modern way of paying for tolls and parking fees. It eliminates the need for drivers to carry cash or tokens, making transactions smoother and faster.

One of the benefits of using a pay-by-plate system is convenience. Drivers can easily pay their tolls or parking fees without having to stop and wait in line at a booth. This saves time and reduces traffic congestion.

Another advantage is accuracy. Since the payment process is automated, there are fewer errors in recording payments, which means fewer disputes between drivers and authorities over unpaid fees.

It also promotes safety on roads because it minimizes the amount of physical contact between drivers and collectors. This helps to reduce the spread of germs that could cause illnesses like COVID-19.

This type of payment system contributes to environmental conservation measures since it eliminates paper receipts that end up in landfills.

How to find your pay-by-plate invoice number

If you’ve used the pay-by-plate system in Massachusetts, it’s possible that you may need to find your invoice number for various reasons. Here are some steps to help you locate it.

Firstly, check any receipts or email confirmations from when you made the payment. Your invoice number should include in these documents.

If that doesn’t work, try logging into your account on the EZDriveMA website. Once logged in, navigate to “Account Activity” and select “Pay By Plate MA Transactions.” From there, click on the date of the transaction you need an invoice number for and it should appear under “Invoice Number.”

If none of these options yield results, contact customer service at 1-877-627-7745 between 7 am and 7 pm Monday through Friday. Or send them a message through their website’s Contact Us page with as much information about your trip.


The Pay by Plate system has become an easy and convenient way for drivers to pay their tolls. With this system in place, you won’t have to worry about losing your invoice number since it’s not necessary. Instead, all you need is your license plate number and the state where your vehicle is registered.

Moreover, the benefits of using this system are endless. It saves time, reduces traffic congestion at toll stations, and eliminates the risk of lost invoices or violation fees.

We hope that this article has provided valuable insight into how a Pay by Plate System works. And what steps you can take if you’re unable to find your invoice number? Remember always to keep track of where and when you drove on tolled roads in Massachusetts. So that any unpaid tolls can be easily resolved.