How to Choose a Landscape Design Company

How to Choose a Landscape Design Company

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Cost of landscape design in Sacramento, California

If you are thinking of hiring a landscaper, you may be wondering how much it will cost you. Landscape design prices can vary widely, depending on the design, materials, and experience of the designer. Generally, you can expect to pay from $50 to $100 per two-person crew. To get an idea of the costs, ask your designer to provide you with a free quote. Often, this cost is included in the design fee.

The professional design will anchor your home to its site, connect you to the environment, and provide a welcoming entrance. The landscape architect will use both living plants and building materials to create a plan that will maintain its aesthetic appeal and grow in the years to come. A Sacramento landscape architect will be knowledgeable about the climate and plant types in your area and will know which plants will thrive in different climates. The Sacramento landscape architect will also be familiar with the local soil conditions and other factors.


Whether you live in the heart of the desert, or you simply wish to save water in your yard, xeriscaping in Sacramento landscaping is an excellent choice. Using native plants in a xeriscaping design will reduce the need for irrigation. Before beginning your design, map out your yard, taking into account any shaded areas and hardscape needs. You should also consider the type of plants you want to grow, and whether they will tolerate a dry climate.

Xeriscaping in Sacramento landscape planning begins in the spring when plants can establish themselves and start growing before the winter. The early planting will allow your plants to grow and enjoy the spring rains before the summer heat sets in. The savings in water, energy, and money will quickly pay for themselves over the years. Additionally, xeriscaping in Sacramento will reduce water use by up to 50 percent.

City program for front yard conversion

For homeowners who want to convert their front yards into green spaces, there is now a City program for front yard conversion. This program, which began Aug. 8, is funded in partnership with water districts to provide homeowners with several landscape design options. Although the consultation is not long enough to create a complete plan, it provides enough time for discussion of site issues and the development of general layout and plant choices. Applicants must be single-family or duplex homeowners who want to make a change in the front yard landscape.

To qualify for a rebate, the area must be covered with three inches of mulch and must have no exposed soil. Additionally, a landscaped area must be at least 50% covered with low-water plants. Applicants must also maintain the lawn regularly, preferably through a dedicated irrigation system. Dead grasses will not be eligible for the rebate. It is important to note that any rebates from this program may be taxable income.

Choosing a landscape designer

If you want your landscape to stand out, hiring a professional designer is a great choice. You can consult with several designers before selecting the one who will work on your property. In addition to their expertise, these professionals have the experience needed to help you realize your vision. Here are some of the most important tips when selecting a designer. Listed below are some of the things to look for when selecting a landscape designer.

A Sacramento landscape design company must offer a range of services. A landscape architect should specialize in various areas, such as xeriscaping and landscape design. They should also offer services such as retaining walls, pavers, walkways, masonry hardscapes, sod, and artificial turf installations, irrigation systems, and other design features. To avoid the risk of hiring someone who does not understand your vision, ask if they specialize in any of these areas.