Choosing a Connector Manufacturing Company

Choosing a Connector Manufacturing Company


Choosing a connector manufacturing company is important, especially when safety is a top priority. By following some basic safety guidelines, you can make sure your employees and contractors are doing their jobs safely and effectively. Read on for more tips. In this article, you’ll learn about Contacts, Terminals, Enclosures, Amp connectors, and other important aspects of safety in your workplace. Listed below are some of the most important considerations when choosing a connector manufacturing company.

Connector Manufacturing Company Contacts

Aerospace Contacts, LLC is a high-quality contacts and precision components manufacturer founded in 1999. They produce contacts for every major connector manufacturer. Some of their products include modified terminating ends, pins, sockets, and shielded contact assemblies. Their products are made with Tornos, Citizen, and Tsugami screw machines. Here are a few of their services:

Jilin Realcon Contact Lens Co., Ltd., was founded in Gansu province. This is one of the top contact lens manufacturing companies in China. This company owns a complete production technology and has a fully autonomous research and development center. It produces lenses for both domestic and international markets. In addition to manufacturing lenses, they also produce eyeglasses, contact lenses, and contact lens solutions. Contact lens manufacturing companies in China may be worth checking out.

Connector Manufacturing Company Terminals

Amphenol is a global manufacturer of connectors. Based in Connecticut, the company serves multiple industries such as automotive, data and IT communications, military, and mobile devices and networks. Its products are widely used in mobile devices and networks and were worth USD 5.3 billion in 2014. It also made 38 acquisitions over the past five years, bolstering its position in the market. The top 10 manufacturers are divided by product and region. In the US, they account for the largest share, with Luxshare the only Chinese company to break into the top 10.

The manufacturers of connectors are typically located in several countries, including Switzerland, the United States, and Hungary. Increasing their manufacturing capacity in Switzerland results in dramatic reductions in lead times. The manufacturers are vertically integrated, meaning they control most of the manufacturing process, from tool-making to production to plating and final assembly. Several different manufacturing facilities specialize in certain processes, such as plastic parts and assembly. They ensure high-quality connectors by applying strict quality standards across all sites.

Connector Manufacturing Company Enclosures

The materials used in the manufacture of enclosures will depend on the type and degree of stress and environmental wear the enclosures are destined to experience. The housing of a bicycle speedometer, for example, must withstand the effects of rain and dirt, as well as constant intense vibration. By contrast, a graphing calculator enclosure is unlikely to experience such stress and environmental wear. In these cases, plastic enclosures can be fabricated using 3D printing.

Enclosures are available in a variety of materials and styles, and the performance and durability of these products are governed by industry standards. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) certifies enclosures for use in electronics, and NEMA Type 6P protects against solid foreign objects, brief submersion, corrosion, and the external formation of ice. International Protection Rating (IP Code) is another common standard. It is found on over 20 billion electronics globally.

Amp connectors

Founded in 1941, the Amp connectors manufacturing company has since expanded into other industries, including electrical, computer, and telecommunications. Their products range from wire splices and terminals to high-speed printed circuit board connectors, IC sockets, and USB and Circular connectors. Today, AMP is a global company that provides electrical connectors used by manufacturers and consumers for a variety of applications.

Amp connectors are made of two parts, male and female. Each part allows a signal to pass between them with very little distortion. Their design allows for four times the number of connections than standard cable connectors. Their reliability and simple construction make them essential for use in a variety of contexts, including industry, commerce, and consumer product markets. AMP connectors can be found in everything from test equipment to medical devices, as well as in virtually every type of device.