Blue world city launch Blue world trade center in Islamabad


Blue World Trade Center

The Blue World Trade Center, a joint venture between the BGC and the IGC, will be the tallest building in Islamabad when it is completed on October 29, 2022. Those responsible for creating this have completely changed the rules of commerce and business. It’s the first of its kind in the two cities, and it promises to be the best place to do business, shop, trade, and market in the region. It has mostly catered to real estate-related businesses and organisations. The goal is to build a modern commercial real estate centre in Pakistan, complete with eye-catching bridges and unique building designs.

This system is full of cool features, like utilities and services that make business easier and more productive. Its picturesque setting may also facilitate travel to and from significant points in the two cities. The finest part is its prime location, just next to two of the city’s most prestigious neighbourhoods: Bahria Town Rawalpindi and DHA Islamabad. With the GT road’s connection to the Islamabad Rawalpindi Highway, visitors from either of the twin cities won’t have any trouble reaching this impressive feat of future architecture.

Structure of Blue World Trade Center

The Blue World Trade Center (BWTC) is a landmark skyscraper that has become the economic heart of Pakistan. The modern office building has everything needed to make ethical business practises simple and efficient. If we extrapolate their development plans, we can be sure that the massive piling projects will proceed with great haste. The project is centred on a pair of 27-story mixed-use skyscrapers. Visitors can park in designated areas on the ground floors. At 500 feet in height, it features a separate, sizable room designed to meet your requirements. In addition to these features, the business tower is built on the cutting edge of technology and architectural innovation, and it features a full complement of facilities and services designed to make work easier and more pleasant for employees.

As one of Pakistan’s fastest-growing and most-varied business portals, BGC-IGC partnership, which developed Blue World Trade Center, has a wide range of industries represented. It presents a worldwide presence, particularly in the Gulf and North America, and an expanding global viewpoint. They plan to change the way businesses in Pakistan operate by establishing new benchmarks for dedication, ethics, professionalism, and service. The BGC-IGC consortium’s Blue World City will be a shining example of their work. The project’s stated goal is to provide locals and Pakistanis living abroad with access to a luxury lifestyle that is both manageable financially and aesthetically. In an effort to increase visitor numbers, they plan to create a first-rate tourist attraction.

The goal of the BGC-IGC consortium, as a unified industry, is to help its members develop beyond their wildest dreams. The private sector’s efforts to addressing the myriad challenges faced by low-income countries like Pakistan are crucial to the success of this endeavour.

Blue World Trade Center’s Corporate Layout and Amenities

The developers have put in a lot of time and effort to establish themselves as a comprehensive service provider. From an organisational point of view, the BWTC twin tower replica offers workers a neat and professional place to do their jobs. The building will have central air conditioning for the convenience of employees, and the business centre will provide smart WI-FI to all of the desks. Also available will be break-out lounges where employees may relax during their time off. The Blue World Trade Center has fast, private elevators just for them. Each elevator has a battery backup system just in case the power goes out.

The replica of the World Trade Center meets all of your needs. Each level offers ordinary and platinum offices at a reasonable price range, while the numerous businesses offer flexible payment arrangements. The creators’ goal is to open up BWTC to the general public and give people a safe place to make investments in Pakistan. The best outlet shopping trip in the world can help lift your spirits. You can enjoy a day of shopping and a livelier professional atmosphere at the same time as dining at some of the best restaurants in the world at one of the many convenient food courts.


Blue World City Islamabad’s Blue World Trade Center is a magnificent skyscraper. After its completion, it became the first fully-equipped commercial trading tower and property exchange centre in Pakistan. Their goal is to streamline and improve the efficiency of commercial and industrial operations. The Blue World Trade Center in Rawalpindi is the most sought-after commercial area because of its convenient location. The planned structure will be an ideal architectural showcase for cutting-edge design and will serve numerous purposes, one of which will be as a commercial hub for the real estate industry.

They provide productivity in the workplace and a pleasant atmosphere. BWTC has highlighted the era of modernity, business’s more unusual trends, and the twin cities’ deep relationships to each other. To that end, the Blue Group of Companies has released a market-leading initiative built to exacting international standards, from which investors can profit handsomely. Rawalpindi and Islamabad are where you’ll find the chain of opulent stores. This high-rise is stocked to the gills with unbelievable features, and you can find one to suit your every need.