5 Living Tips for People Shifting to Bangalore anytime soon


If someone is going to shift to Bangalore, they should know some essential things. It is indeed a city with many job prospects, and it is growing too. But, the cost of living is slightly higher than the other southern cities. But thankfully, there are options where one can Rent furniture in Bangalore and save money in this way. Buying new assets and things would be tough for those who have just shifted to Bangalore. But with the rental options, one can find better ease and convenience.

Eat at home rather than eating at restaurants.

If you eat at restaurants now and then, it will increase the cost of living. It is better to learn some simple cooking and take up cooking at home. If needed, you can also get a microwave on rent at an affordable range. You should buy groceries every weekend and plan a meal for the whole week.

Try to learn the local language.

Even though most people living in Bangalore know English, it would be better to understand and learn their local language Kannada. This will help you in making your communication smooth with the locales. So, make sure that you know the basics of the language so that you can stay safe.

There is some traffic in Bangalore.

In Bangalore, there is some traffic every day. People prefer the public transport system. If you are going to take out the car, always keep some margin of the traffic and then decide what you should do. Considering the traffic scenario, it would help if you started a bit early from your home. Also, if you buy a car, then first think if there is proper parking space.

The cost of living in Bangalore is slightly high.

It is essential to understand that the cost of living in Bangalore is slightly high, and hence people who have just shifted there will have to take good care of the expenses. Bangalore is a place where there will be inflation too. But, while going to this city, one should have some savings in the bank account. It will help till the person gets settled in the town.

Have a work desk in your home

You may have to take some work even to your home. Having a work desk and a laptop is therefore essential. If there is a proper work-life balance, then there will be better work and growth prospects. These are some of the basic things you need to keep in mind.

Conclusion: With these living tips, people who have just shifted to Bangalore will get a chance to improve their lives. Moving to Bangalore might be challenging. But if you have a few tips, there will be better solutions. You will feel some hassles when you have just shifted the first month. So, try and get these things into your life to make life better and easy.


Q: Are there rental options for furniture in Bangalore?
Yes, there are rental options for furniture in Bangalore. This can be a great way to save money and ease the transition into a new city.

Q: Is it better to eat at home or at restaurants in Bangalore?
It’s generally better to eat at home in Bangalore, as dining out can quickly add up. Learning to cook simple meals at home and planning your meals for the week can save you money in the long run.

Q: Is it important to learn the local language in Bangalore?
Yes, it’s important to learn the local language in Bangalore, even though most people speak English. Knowing the local language, Kannada, can help you communicate more smoothly with the locals and will keep you safe in case of an emergency.

Q: Is traffic an issue in Bangalore?
Yes, traffic can be an issue in Bangalore. It’s important to plan for extra time for traffic and consider public transportation as an option.

Q: How does the cost of living in Bangalore compare to other southern cities?
The cost of living in Bangalore is slightly higher than other southern cities. It’s important to be mindful of expenses and have some savings in the bank before moving to the city.