Top 10 Strongest Marvel Characters

Top 10 Strongest Marvel Characters

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Some of the most powerful Marvel characters are Hercules, Thor, Hulk, Doctor Strange, and Iron Man. But which ones are the strongest? Read on and find out! There are a ton of other super-strong Marvel characters, too. Check out these character lists for more inspiration. Here are our top 10 strongest Marvel characters:


Hercules is a Greek demigod, and he has a long history in the Marvel Universe. In the Silver Age of comic books, Hercules was based on the god Heracles of Greek mythology.How Many Marvel Characters Are There? [Comics & Movies] He is one of the strongest Marvel characters, and he has appeared in various media. Brett Goldstein portrays Hercules in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Thor: Love and Thunder, which is scheduled for release in 2022.


In recent years, Thor has become one of the most powerful Marvel characters. This isn’t to say that he’s perfect; in fact, there are some flaws with this character, such as his hair and family. However, he has also developed a great deal as a warrior, with notable endurance and speed. While all of the Avengers are strong and physically fit, Thor is one of the most powerful.


The Hulk is one of the strongest Marvel characters, with the World-Breaker Hulk being the most powerful. Originally, the Hulk was an amalgamation of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and the character has evolved into a deep psychologically traumatized soul. Throughout his history, the Hulk has changed into a number of alter egos and personalities.

Doctor Strange

As a sorcerer, Doctor Strange is considered one of the strongest Marvel characters ever. His spells come in many forms and he has mastered every one of them. His intelligence and skill at creating with his spells have made him one of the most powerful heroes in Marvel’s history. Having defeated beings far more powerful than him, he has proven his mettle. In the Marvel Universe, he has defeated the Nightmare and the In-betweener.

Squirrel Girl

Despite her small size, Squirrel Girl is one of Marvel’s most powerful characters. In an in-joke, her power grid lists attributes such as omniscience and incalculable strength. Her omnipotence puts her on par with the Living Tribunal. Even without trying, she can defeat Thanos. The comics’ official website lists her attributes at the top of its list.


While there are many powerful super heroes, the Beyonder may be one of the most powerful. With his mind-controlling abilities, the Beyonder can turn the tables on his opponents, and he can wipe half of the universe clean. His abilities are incomprehensible and unmatchable, and his name means that he can turn the Marvel universe upside down. In addition to his power, the Beyonder has many other attributes that make him a formidable super hero.

Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards is a superhero who defies gravity by harnessing his powers. As a mutant, he is capable of vast reality-warping abilities, psionic powers, and total control of the fundamental forces of nature. He is also able to manipulate time and space. This combination of superhuman strength and abilities has given him the ability to control the future and even create alternate realities.