Propaganda Live Bands

Propaganda Live Bands

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Propaganda Live is an Italian pro wrestling show hosted by Mirko “Missouri 4” Matteucci. Since its inception two years ago, the show has attracted fans from all over the world. They feature a variety of talent and have been credited with helping make wrestling more accessible to the public. The line-up for Propaganda Live changes regularly but this list contains some of the most notable names in the sport.

Matt on acoustic guitar

Propaganda made its live debut on the Simulation Theory World Tour in 2019. The track features Matt on acoustic guitar, Dom on electronic drums, and Chris on keyboard bass. It is typically played on the B-stage of the setup, and includes C02 cannons and backing dances. Below is a table of propaganda live performances from the band’s “Simulation Theory” period.

The M1D1 is the most notable guitar Matt used in his early career. It shares a MIDI screen controller with other guitars in the band, and is red in color. While the M1D1 is the most iconic guitar used by Matt Bellamy, he has also played on various guitars over the years.

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Matt also plays electric guitars. During his lengthy career with Manson, he has played a wide range of instruments, including Gibson and Fender models. This is a testament to his versatility. When he is playing on stage, you can bet he has the right guitar for the job.

The Matt Black guitar has a solid body, a baked birds-eye maple neck, and an ebony fingerboard with twenty-two frets. It also has a Gotoh Tune-O-Matic bridge. The Manson Matt Black guitar was Matt’s first guitar, and it helped shape his sound. Later, he used a Manson MBK-2 pickup and Fernandes Sustainer FSK-401.

Dom on electronic drums

Propaganda is a song from the band’s debut album and was performed on their Simulation Theory World Tour in 2019. It features Matt on acoustic guitar, Dom on electronic drums, and Chris on keyboard bass. It’s performed on the B-stage of the set-up and features backing dances that incorporate C02 cannons. You can view a list of live performances of this track below.

Chris on keyboard bass Propaganda

Propaganda is a band that made its debut during the Simulation Theory World Tour in 2019. It features Matt on acoustic guitar, Dom on electronic drums, and Chris on keyboard bass. Propaganda is often performed on the B-stage of the set, and it features a backing dance that features C02 cannons. Below are a few examples of propaganda live performances.

Gazebo for Propaganda Live

The Gazebo for Propaganda Live is a televised program in Italy. The show is hosted by Diego Bianchi, an author and a presenter. The series is available on various social media. Propaganda Live is a hybrid program combining both media. The audience is Italian, but comes from other countries as well.

Diego Bianchi is a writer, journalist, blogger, and video maker. He hosts Propaganda Live on LA7 and previously hosted Gazebo on Rai 3. He has directed films like Arance e martello, wrote and directed a blog called Daje, and collaborated with other media outlets, including Rai3.

Gazebo has also starred in a talk show similar to ‘Zoro’ on Rai Tre. He alternates between his reportage and satire with Marckox’s commentary. The show also features cartoons by Fabio Celenza. It is similar to Propaganda Live, but satire has a larger following. The goal of the show is to spread social awareness and fight against censorship.

Propaganda Live is a veteran political group that carries messages about various social issues. Its presence is backed by prominent political figures and social networks. The group’s work has been a part of the Italian political scene for several years.


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