Top 10 Monkey Species on Earth

Top 10 Monkey Species on Earth

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The top 10 monkey species on Earth are a variety of species that can be found in tropical forests. These species include the Black snub-nosed monkey, Mandrill, Dusky leaf monkey, and Red-shanked douc. Let’s take a closer look at some of these amazing creatures.

Dusky leaf monkey

The dusky leaf monkey is a primate species in Southeast Asia. Dusky Leaf Monkey - Facts, Diet, Habitat & Pictures on This species is a folivore, meaning they feed mostly on plants. Its diet includes leaves, young shoots, and fruits. Its digestive system is adapted to break down cellulose, which is found in plant cell walls. It weighs between five and nine kilograms.

Black snub-nosed monkey

The black snub-nosed monkey, which is a member of the family Macaca mulatta, The battle to save China's black snub-nosed monkeys - CNN Video lives mainly in deciduous forests. Its primary food is lichen, which is toxic to most animals. Fortunately, snub-nosed monkeys have specialized digestive enzymes that help remove harmful bacteria from their diet.

Red-shanked douc

Red-shanked douc monkeys live in tropical rainforests. They are diurnal, Monkey Mania: Red-shanked douc langur - CGTNspending the majority of their time in the forest’s canopy. Rarely seen on the ground, they share their food with other monkeys.


The Mandrill Monkey is one of the world’s largest species. The average lifespanMandrill Facts - Animals of Africa - WorldAtlas This monkey is about 19 years old but can live up to twice that long when kept in captivity. They are known for their large size and strikingly colored faces. They were previously classified in the same genus as baboons, but now are one of the top 10 monkey species, and are members of the family Cercopithecidae.


Baboons have unique facial features, a red butt, and cheek pouches similar to hamsters.Baboon - Wikipedia The pouch is designed to hold food for a baboon, and food is pulled out with the help of the cheek’s sucking mechanism. Baboons also have specialized teeth.

Rhesus macaque

One of the most beautiful monkeys, the rhesus macaque is diurnal, arboreal, and terrestrial.Don't feed the monkeys | Deccan Herald They are primarily herbivorous and will consume over 100 different plant species. They also consume fruit, berries, and even ice cream! Their ears are pointed and yellowish brown, and they have slanted nostrils. They also have thin lips.

Francois langur

The Francois langur is a highly social animal. It practices prosocial behavior,François' Langur (Monkey) - Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens (LA Zoo) exhibits affiliative behavior, and practices alloparenting. It exhibits flamboyant body language and is very vocal. When threatened, it will vocalize or perform a physical display.

Red-capped mangabey

The red-capped mangabey is among the most beautiful monkey species in the world. Cherry Crowned or Red-capped Mangabey, W Africa | SingeThis ape has red fur on its head and a white collar. Its back is dark brown to black and its tail has white tips. They live in dense vegetation in coastal areas of west Africa. Their diet consists of fruit, nuts, and seeds. They also eat bird eggs and small animals.