The Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs

The Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs

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The Boxer is a beloved breed of dog. Though not aggressive, these dogs are known to be highly resistant to training. They can attack and cause severe injuries, so it’s essential to get proper training for your Boxer if you want to keep it safe. Here are the top 10 most dangerous dogs. A Boxer is one of the most popular pets. Despite being frisky and full of energy, they’re not the most aggressive breed.


The German Shepherd is one of the most popular house pets, but Rottweilers are ranked as one of the top 10 most dangerous dogs.Rottweiler - Wikipedia This breed of dog is known for its brute strength and can lock on to a person’s body when biting. This fear has led to the widespread use of this breed as a guard dog, resulting in an increase in attacks. But is this breed dangerous?

In fact, the reason that St Bernards are among the top 10 most dangerous dogs is that they are very large and have an extremely passive temperament. Their large size and active nature can make them dangerous, especially if they’re not trained properly. These dogs can cause fatal attacks if their owners don’t exercise them or socialize them well enough. The St Bernard is also notoriously difficult to train.

American Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a close cousin of the American Staffordshire Terrier and has been on the doggy radar for the last decade.American Pitbull Terrier: a playful and very intelligent dog While this breed is not as aggressive as the Rottweiler, it does have a history of being used in dogfights. Its large body and foul temperament make this dog breed a dangerous breed. While they may be friendly to you and your family, you should never attempt to handle this dog on your own.

According to a study conducted by the AKC, the American Pit Bull Terrier is one of the top 10 most dangerous dogs. Since the breed is primarily a fighting and guarding dog, the traits of aggression, resilience, and gameness are highly valued in this breed. Pit Bull owners will tell you that this is a myth. Proper socialization and training can make this breed a gentle and loving pet.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernards are gentle giants that are known for their protective nature. They are also notoriously difficult to train and often spooked.100 Child And Saint Bernard Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock Even so, Saint Bernards can make wonderful companions, given the right socialization and training. However, Saint Bernards are a great choice for families, especially if the dog is raised with children. It is important to socialize your puppy early on to prevent unwanted behaviors such as jumping on children or strangers.

Although many people associate Saint Bernards with love and loyalty, the fact is that they can be extremely aggressive. One recent attack on a bus stopped in Canada resulted in the victim needing 40 stitches and a broken kneecap. The owner of the dog was unable to remove the dog from the victim. It may be an exaggeration to think that this breed of dog is not a danger to humans, but it is worth remembering that Saint Bernards can be wonderful pets.


Despite their small size, Chihuahuas are incredibly dangerous. They form strong attachments to a select person and can be fiercely protective of that person.Chihuahua Teeth: Everything You Need to Know - AZ Animals Unlike other breeds, Chihuahuas are small but very strong, and they can bite and injure a stranger without warning. These dogs are also particularly intolerant of children, so they are best kept away from small kids.

The University of Helsinki conducted a study on more than 9,000 pets and found that small dogs were more likely to bite, snap, and growl. These behaviors were most common among German Shepherds and Miniature Poodles, but Chihuahuas can also exhibit aggression around people. Of course, any dog can bite, whether it’s a large or small breed, as long as it’s socialized with children and other dogs.

Chow Chow

The Chow-Chow is a Chinese dog breed, known for its black tongue and lion-like mane. These dogs are notorious for being aggressive, especially towards other dogs of the same sex.File:01 Chow Chow.jpg - Wikimedia Commons As a result, owners should be patient and calm when handling these dogs to avoid the risk of an attack. This breed is best kept on a leash, away from children and strangers, and with proper socialization, these dogs can be well-behaved in public.

The Chow-Chow is a large dog that weighs around 70 pounds. This breed has a reputation for being dangerous and aggressive, but with proper training and socialization, it can be a great addition to any family. Even though they may look like an overgrown teddy bear, this breed has been known to turn on their owners, resulting in serious injuries. While these dogs are not dangerous in small doses, it is important to have a dog suited to your lifestyle.