Is Sony doing anything about PS5 scalpers?

Is Sony doing anything about PS5 scalpers?


PS5 scalpers are a major problem, and Sony is taking steps to combat them. Amazon is introducing an invite-based ordering system for high-demand products, and McDonald’s has even gotten in on the action by writing full names of PS5 buyers on the console. But will these efforts stop ps5 scalpers for good? We’ll have to wait and see. Read on to learn more. Below, we’ll look at some of the latest strategies to combat these unscrupulous sellers.

Invite-based ordering option for high-demand products

During this hot-selling holiday season, you might have already noticed that there are a few PS5s left on Amazon’s site. If you’re one of these people, then you’re in luck, as the online retailer is introducing an invite-based ordering option for PS5s on its website. You can ask an Amazon employee for an invite to make a purchase on its website. Amazon’s system will check for invites to customers who are interested in the product, as well as their purchase history. Once you’ve received an invitation, Amazon will notify you of how long it will take to place your order.

This new system will allow customers to purchase a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X without the need to deal with a robot who might be interested in making a quick profit. The company is hoping that this system will prevent the scalpers from buying these items and restrict hoarding them in the store. Moreover, the new system will give legitimate buyers the opportunity to purchase these high-demand gaming gadgets.

The new invite-based ordering system is available in the US and will be expanded to other countries and products later. The first batch of PS5s will be available this Thursday, but you should still request an invitation if you plan on buying one for yourself. The system is not yet live, so you should check back later to see if the Xbox Series X will be available in your area as well.

Sony is cracking down on ps5 scalpers

As more PlayStation 5 owners begin selling their refurbished consoles, Sony has begun cracking down on the practice. Many users are selling their access to the vault for cheap, and Sony is investigating. It has banned people who offer hacked PS5 accounts and put a big cross on the packaging. PlayStation Store owners will also have to give consent before selling their refurbished consoles. This will make it much more difficult for buyers to buy from unauthorized sellers.

The stipulation states that removing the “sold” seal can damage the console’s box. The manufacturer hopes that this action will prevent resellers from advertising their consoles as “new”. Although Sony has not announced a timeline or size of the rollout, it is clear that they don’t want people to be able to sell their PS5s for too much. In other words, the ban will make it impossible to sell one PS5 without another.

Some of the biggest PS5 scalpers operate on a botnet, a network of scripts that all execute the same commands simultaneously. These scripts appear to be separate users, but to retailers, the bots are actually one large group of users. A botnet is a powerful tool for scalping high-priced consoles, and it’s the future of online gaming. So, how can you make sure that you’re not part of this industry? Here’s how to stop PS5 scalpers and make sure you’re not a victim of a scammer.

McDonald’s is writing full names of PS5 buyers on the box of their new console

Japanese Store Combats Scalpers By Writing Names On PS5 Boxes – Gamerficial

It’s no surprise that Sony stepped in to cancel the McDonald’s PS5 promotion. This particular promotion had nothing to do with the new console itself, but it was a fun touch. But there are some questions that remain. Why would a fast food chain put its name on its own new console? And how will the public respond? Read on to find out.

Despite the controversy surrounding this move, the new PlayStation 5 console is incredibly popular. Many people have been unable to get their hands on one. The company has even given away 50 subscriptions to Twitch streamers. However, the company has decided to celebrate its 50th anniversary in style. In addition to the freebie, the chain is writing the full names of PS5 buyers on the box of their new console. The company plans to continue its celebrations for the rest of the year.